Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Before I start my rant... I just noticed I have 100 posts and 2000 visits (since I started the counter).
It seems like Samantha's (and Nick's party) will be a bust. The only person that has said they will be there are my parents!!! And for those IRL (in real life) friends out there reading this, you have cared enough to read this and cared enough to let me know you wont be coming, so this does not pertain to you. Besides my actual friends and my parents, no one has responded (of their own accord).
I guess what ticks me off the most are those "friends" in my life that I did not bring into the relationship. We (Nick and I) have tried to invite them over for so many things, and either they don't respond or never want to come unless it is at their house. We have kids too, it is still as much of a production to get there.
*sigh* I was in a good mood... now I am just bummed.
Time to go to bed... I should have been there a heck of a long time ago!

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