Wednesday, October 12, 2005


For those of you out there who have never taken Tylenol 3 w/ Coedine... if it is working it makes you feel all numb inside!  Well the dentist Rx me some for the tooth and when I took it yesterday I really did not get that feeling... but the one I took today seems to be working well enough!  Hey.. maybe I will get to avoid a root canal right now after all.

Of course.. whether I am hurting or numb, I still am not getting much done.  I really should clean the house tonight because Nick's Uncle will be staying overnight before they (along with fil) go hunting.  And maybe I should figure out a nice dinner for tomorrow too... I guess we will see how I feel.  I do have a meeting with Jeffrey's speech teacher tonight, so I should get home early.

And Jeffrey had his first field trip yesterday to the Gale Woods Farm.  Nick went with and took pictures, so once I get them downloaded maybe I can get Nick to recount the time they had.  I guess it was a lot of fun and Jeffrey petted some of the animals (which is a big step because last year he was at a petting zoo and wouldn't).

And so Samantha can have equal time on here.. for those that know us In Real Life (IRL)... her birthday party will be Sunday, October 30 at 3pm at our house.  We will be having appetizers and cake.  Invites should be done this week (especially if I feel better).  I am also thinking of making it a combo party for her and Nick because he turns 30 the middle of November and should be celebrated.. though I know he hates to be the center of attention.

Hey, to all of you that have made comments recently, thanks for letting me know you are reading!! 


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