Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Blog, I have neglected you!

Yes, blog, I am sorry... I have neglected you.
And it is not like I have not had the time to write... especially since I got the new (awesome) laptop.
Just wanted to let you know, the pregnancy is going well... we are at 25+ weeks. The baby sure likes to move and kick and punch more then Jeffrey and Samantha did. Most of the time it is amazing, except when I am trying to get some sleep.
Nick is still crazy busy... he is a landscaper and it is the summer. He has taken Jeffrey to work a couple times and everyone calls him Nick Jr.
Jeffrey is doing well... we just got done with some summer speech therapy which I am sure it has helped. He has had a bad streak of accidentally breaking things lately - and unfortunately they are usually made of glass.
Samantha is on the course to being a self-proclaimed Big Girl. She got rid of her Buba about a month ago ("blankie"), we took the side rails off her bed yesterday, and if she is dry today it will be day 7 (in a row) without an accident. She is looking forward to hitting 10 days when Daddy will take her to work with him.. and 14 days when she gets some Dora underwear.
As for me... sticking inside as much as possibly on these 80+ days with high humidity.. I feel so much better and don't get headaches that way. Also, I have been busy because I couple months ago I was elected the MOMS club President in my area. I am having a blast being Prez, especially since I have a marvelous board and great members.
Otherwise blog, I hope things have been well. I do know I should post a pregnancy picture soon and maybe some of the kids this summer.
Till next time.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Happy 7th Anniversary!!!

Today Nick and I celebrate 7 years as husband and wife!!! In some ways the time has flew by, in others I am amazed all the highs and lows that have happened in the past seven years! And the past Friday it had been ten years since our first date. I always say those almost three years from the time we got engaged till we got married seemed to DRAG... and now it has been over twice that since we have been married!!
Here is a picture of us that day 7 years ago

And a picture of our family now taken earlier this month

Happy Anniversary to Nick... the man I love!!!