Friday, August 31, 2007

30 weeks!

I figure I have not done a baby update lately. Well tomorrow I will be 30 weeks along... 3/4 of the way!! Firmly into the third trimester. And pretty soon into "getting ready for baby" mode.
I was thinking we were going to name this baby "Stubborn" or a derivative of it.. but I have since heard good news. First, I was measuring small so we needed another ultrasound. Well baby measured right on, so that was good. Then I found out that I failed the one hour glucose and had to go in for the three hour, but I passed that.

Of course I am uncomfortable already. And most people think I am due sooner then I am. And baby is quite the mover and shaker. At least we are getting closer.
Here is a pic taken this week of me

And a close up because I got a new hair cut (& colored it)


Back to School!

Yea... can you tell I am counting down the days!!! Honestly, I don't know what it is, but lately it has not been fun to be a sahm. The kids are not listening to me and they are fighting with each other constantly. I am sure it does not help that we have had 2 types of weather, really hot or rainy (as of the past couple weeks for the rain) and have not been outside much. Today is actually nice but they have trashed this house so bad that I do not feel like letting them outside.
So next Thursday Jeffrey will start Kindergarten!! He will be going to school full time, riding the bus and wearing a uniform! We had his open house last night, he got to see his classroom (including where he is sitting - right across from someone he knows - Yay!) and his locker and check other things out. It was quite funny, we went to the new family event before the all school event and we were joking with those that we know because, while we are a new family to the school, we have been going to the church for awhile and know our way around and other parents and such.
Samantha will start preschool in a week!! This is her first foray into school and even though she denies it, I know she is excited. She was so jealous of Jeffrey going to preschool last year. We decided to have her go to the same school as Jeffrey (because Jeff went to the public school the last 2 years) and she will be in class with her "boyfriend". Of course this also means I can call her potty trained!! It has been over 2 weeks since she has had an accident and has attained all her goals - so she is going to get a day with Daddy soon and got her Dora underwear. We also got to see her room yesterday, but will have an official open house next week. And I even went into the bathroom with her to make sure she could do everything and she can.
So I am looking forward to next week. I will actually have 2 1/2 hrs of me time 3 days a week... well at least till the baby is born!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Boating on Lk Minnetonka

Ok... I admit...there is another fun part of the summer. We are lucky to live very close to Lake Minnetonka (but not ON the lake). And while we have not bought a boat yet (maybe next summer), we have a couple friends that have boats. We have been on our one friends' pontoon a couple times this summer - including to watch fireworks on the lake. And last Sunday my friend Roxanne and her fiance, Josh, invited us on their boat. We tooled around looking at the gorgeous houses and went swimming. It was an awesome day and being in the boat/in the water was a nice reprieve from the summer heat.
And here is a photo mosaic of the highlights

Enjoy the beauty.


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

ISO: Washing Machine!!

We are looking for a new washing machine... looks like ours is unfixable. Guess it turns out the water pooling in our laundry room was not due to our annual have-to-snake-due-to-a-messed-up-sewer-drain, it is actually from something broken in our washer that looks like we cannot fix. So I am trying to convince Nick we should get one off of or used from somewhere else... because we just don't have the money now to buy a new one, especially the kind that Nick would like, and especially because I "supposedly" beat up on them. And of course we need it yesterday because I have clothes stacking up.
So if you do live in the Twin Cities, MN... and know someone that has one, let me know.
And if you don't, please have pity on me... it seems like everything put in that laundry room is doomed - we have already had the stand up freezer go out (thank goodness we have 2 in the garage) and something is wrong with the water softener.


Monday, August 13, 2007

SS Blog Challenge: Custom Quiz!

This was this week's SS blog challenge:
Go to, and create a quiz for your blog readers. The sky's the limit... choose any topic you want and write your own questions and answers.
So here goes.... enjoy...

And make sure to let me know if you make your own quiz!!



Ya know... I used to love Summer.... I mean I have always said it is my favorite season. Winter, ick! Living here in MN all my life I could do without the snow and cold. And while Spring and Fall are nice, I have loved knowing I can wear shorts and a tank top, drive around with the windows open and possibly go swimming.
Well I am an adult and reality has set in. And this Summer has been a doozy.
1. Nick owns a landscaping company. Landscapers have to work All.Summer.Long. Even in Spring and Fall he is not working so hard. Landscapers like to work till dark.. it gets dark here as late as 9pm at times. This means I may not see him till 7 or 8 at night. Which in turn means late dinners because I like if we all can eat together.
2. Kids are out of school. Ok.. last year I just had a break for 2 1/2 hours 3 days a week when Jeffrey was in preschool... but just knowing that come the school year I will get a break from the fighting - which in turn will mean less yelling and time outs - just seems like heaven. And heck, I will even have some time when both kids are in school this year (well till #3 comes)
3. I am pregnant. This means not being able to fit into the cute summer clothes I have a closet full of... it means have half a dozen or so maternity tops to rotate till I want to puke looking at them. It means me being more prone to headaches... especially on humid days. And since I am having #3 I popped a whole heck of a lot earlier and therefore already am comfortable - and I am just starting the third trimester. Also, since this is my first pgcy as a SAHM, it feels like an eternity till this baby will be born... because that is what I spend all my days thinking about.

4. This summer it is just plain miserable out! We have had probably 2 days of rain in 6 weeks. I think we just hit our 21 or 22 day of 90s this Summer. And we are known here for our humidity. It is too hot to go outside - especially since I am pregnant - and it is causing the kids to go stir crazy.

It is sad, that only of the only perks to summer right now is that most days I don't have to get up at a certain time. *sigh*

Hope your summer is better!!


Saturday, August 11, 2007

SS BlogRoll

Well if you are looking for something to do... go to my sidebar and check out the Scrapshare Blogroll.... as you are probably seeing a lot of people have updated their blogs and/or have started ones and/or have asked to be added to the roll.
Of course I do have the task this weekend of going through and maybe taking some blogs off if they haven't blogged in 2007.
I do hope you enjoy... if these gals write on their blogs as well as they write on SS then I am sure you will.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I35W Bridge Collapse

It was a week ago today that Minnesotans and others were shocked and saddened when the I35W Bridge Collapsed. Without warning, on August 1, 2007 at 6:05pm the bridge came down onto land and onto the Mississippi River crushing cars and, unfortunately, people. I was not near the bridge when it collapsed. I was safely at home in Mound. Oblivious for the first hour that it even happened. At around 7pm I got on the internet to check the weather and instead found pictures of the devastation, it looked like an earthquake had toppled the bridge.

copied from
Of course my first thought was "could I have known anyone involved?" I rushed through my memory bank.... I had called my Dad as soon as I saw it online, my parents were fine. Nick was in Eden Prairie. My brother works south of the cities and was on his way over to my parents.... but who knows who else could have been driving that way. Turns out a lot of people I knew I had either avoided that area due to construction or had been on the bridge earlier in the day. A week later, after reading the list of the dead and missing, no one I know is on that list. But people that were related to people both my Mom and Nick know, did die.
I did wonder about one person... a guy I went to school with. I knew he lived near there in the past. Turns out his friend had just driven him (and his wife) under the bridge probably less then a minute before it happened. His friend, Andy, wrote a very detailed blog entry . Matt is the guy I went to school with... he was the class president (and is suppose to be planning a reunion for this summer!!!!!)
Now they are spending the time trying to piece together what happened. There are still people missing somewhere in the Mississippi. My heart goes out to anyone affected. I hurt, we all hurt, for you.