Friday, September 30, 2005

Friday - Yay!

Happy, happy Friday!!! This has been quite a long week. Glad it is over!!
Just stopped in for a second. We are very short staffed at work, so there is stuff for me to do!
I thought I would start out with some new pics of the kids.
Here they are wearing Daddy's (clean) socks on our bed:

Here they are watching one of Jeffrey's favorites, Baby Noah:

Otherwise, not much happening.. and not too much planned for the weekend. I cannot complain though, I like "lazy weekends". My parents do plan to come over Saturday so they and the kids will enjoy that.

And hey, what should my kids be for Halloween? Should they match? Should I let Jeffrey pick out his costume? This is Samantha's first year really trick or treating (yr 1 she was 3 days old, yr 2 she was just starting to walk so she only hit one or two houses) so it should be fun!! Anyways, feel free to leave your ideas in the comment section.
And don't forget to "pin" your location on the map at the bottom... hey Pamela!!!

Thursday, September 29, 2005


Ok... so I found this map program and you can pin where you are from... so I set one up. Unfortunately.. due to spacing issues and such.. I could not put it on the sidebar... so it is way at the bottom of my blog... feel free to add your special pin! I cannot wait to see where everyone is from!!

More later...

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Some observations about me or just by me:
*I LOVE the internet.  I would not say I am addicted to it... because I wont get the shakes if I am away from it... though Nick would say I am addicted.

*I love it when Nick makes dinner.  Especially when it is ready when I get home from work.  Last night I had to make it (no big deal) and I just felt less relaxed at the end of the night.  Now it is crazy to think that Nick should make all the meals, so I am not saying I need that to happen.

*I kind of like some commercials.  Of course, this may be partly because the only reason I have a job is because of commercials.. but there are also some commercials I enjoy (the Weight Watchers Cher commercial gives me goose bumps)... and it also gives me time to get up and do something else.

*I HATE winter.  Yes I have lived in MN my whole life.  I still hate it.  The biggest thing is how cold it gets here.. and I hate to bundle up.  I would rather have as little clothes on as possible then look like a snowman!

*My kids already know how to fight.  Conversely... they also can enjoy each other and have fun together.  And I think, for them, it was good that I had them so close together.

*I do have great friends.
*My husband is sexy (sorry for those that did not want to hear that).  And we make a good looking couple. 
*I don't really know what I want to do with my life (surprise, surprise).  I mean my job is ok... it is really easy.. and I have great co-workers.  But I truly hope I don't grow old at the same desk I am at.  I also don't think I could make a good stay at home mom.  So something in between would be nice.

*I am very grateful for the Intro to Typing class I took as an independent study at college.  Though it actually did not count for credits at the real college I went to.. it has helped immensly in so many aspects of my work and other things computer related.  Also, I really appreciate my Journalism classes because I really think they made me a better writer - though not good enough to actually work in Journalism.

*I feel I write better posts when I can sit and write out all my thoughts at once.  I kind of get in a mode and words seem to flow.

*I would love to write something and get paid for it someday... novel.. article... whatever.
*I also hope that I can atleast be in one more play in my lifetime.  I did a bunch when I was a kid.. but with kids, a husband and a full time job, there is no time.  Maybe somewhere down the line there will be.

*My favorite color is purple.  I like it because, to me, it seems unique.  Later on I found out that it is the color associated with royalty... coincidence?

Well that is enough for now... remember, I can always post more later!! 

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Blog Surf

Do you blog surf?  Do you like to check out others blogs?  I have to admit, I do... lately I have been either surfing directly through this site for random blogs or through blog explosion.. and it is a lot of fun.  I also would love if more of my friend blogged so I could add them to that "blogroll" section on the left hand side... so if you know me and want to add your site let me know.

Remember my post called "perfect" how I would love to come home and eat dinner right away so the night does not feel so crazy?  Well a funny thing happened... lately when I come home from work Nick has already started (and sometimes even finished) making dinner!  It is so nice to just eat right away then clean it up.  We have been done w/ the whole dinner process by 7, 7:30 and have not known what to do with ourselves!  Last night Jeffrey fell asleep eating so it was just the three of us.. and of course Samantha was just being her cute self!  Though I was a little bummed I did not get to spend any time with Jeffrey because he had been watching TV when I got home.  (BTW... I think we are turning him into a couch potato... actually I blame "Bapa" because he introduced him to the Dukes of Hazzard and Tom & Jerry).

Well I started out strong on this entry but then got distracted.  A long story about Jeffrey getting picked up late from preschool that I wont go in to.... otherwise nothing real interesting to report!!!


Monday, September 26, 2005

Last week of September

Can you believe this is the last week of September?  And for that the 4th quarter of the year is upon us?  Wow, time really does fly.

This weekend was more of a relaxing weekend.  I went w/ two of my online Scrapshare buddies to a scrapbooking store in Bloomington (Hey Jenny and Stacie!) Friday night, that was a lot of fun.. and kind of spontaneous because I did not even plan to go, but I was glad I did.  Saturday I cleaned up most of our bedroom and  my closet so it looks really nice in there - now Nick wants to keep our bedroom and dining room table always so clean, I do too... we will both have to work at it.  And Sunday I did not do much of anything because most of the house is clean.  I do need to take some times now and go through the kids toys and box some up, as well as sort through their clothes again and see how much warm clothes we have.  Hopefully Samantha can fit into some of Jeffrey's old pants, and hopefully in the piles of hand me downs we have there are some pants for Jeffrey (as well as shirts).  Thankfully people are very good about giving us their used clothes and for that we are grateful.

This week is more of the usual stuff.  Choir practice Wednesday and that is about it.  As well as a Creative Memories workshop at my house Friday (if anyone comes).  It will be a little stressful.  I have a week to place my Creative Memories order or be deactivated.. so I need to russell (sp?) up some orders (anyone, anyone?)  I do not want to deactivate, so...

Good news for Nick's biz.  He got a big landscaping job!!!  Guess it may take him all of October, but it is a nice chunk of change.  I just pray nothing happens to mess things up.  Because usually something happens that makes the job take longer or for him to lose money.  He deserves a "perfect project".

That is about it... nothing too interesting... but I would hate to make things up - just for my blog!

Friday, September 23, 2005

Post Sleep Study has actually been busy for a Friday so I am just taking a second to post.
So I had that sleep study yesterday. This is my story:
Got to the clinic at 9pm. Checked into my room, it was about half the size of a normal hospital room. Tv, little closet, phone and a Select Comfort bed (which we have at our house). Oh.. and a video camera. Changed into my PJs and had all sorts of monitors attached to me. About 5 on my face and 5 on other parts of my head. Something attached to my legs and to straps on my chest. I was then told to hang out till 11pm. So I read and watched TV. Then the tech came in and hooked everything up and put something on my nose and mouth. I then went to bed for the night and was awoken at 9am (I can sleep forever if you let me) - though I had kind of been awake for a half an hour to an hour. I was then fed and had a series of 4 nap tests, 2 hours apart for 20 minutes at a time. I also was fed lunch between nap test 1 and 2. Well I got a headache pretty quickly and never napped, so I think the daytime stuff was a wash. I did bring some scrapbooking stuff, but I only did 4 pages. It just felt so confining in that little room. I got to go home about 5pm so I met up with my parents to get Samantha and we went home.

Anyways, I will keep you posted on the results.
Atleast TGIF!!!!!!
I will maybe have more over the weekend. Not much planned though.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Sleep Study

Well today is the day for the big sleep study (I pray nothing messes this up).  Samantha is going to spend the night at Grandma and Grandpa's so that means it will just be the boys once I leave tonight.  I cropped some pictures to take along if I get bored and I can scrapbook.  I have to go home tonight and pack it all up as well as my other stuff I need.

Ok... I just realized the above post will probably put people to sleep... so new topic.
I like slice of life blogs.  When I blog surf the ones that I stop on are about day to day things.  And I have asked some people what they want to see in my blog and they too like to hear about my life and observations and such.  So what happens if you have no slice of life to share?  I guess this is what you call a slow news day.

Anyways, I will post now, I am sure some people are waiting for my intellectual mussings.  (Ha!)

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Ok... so you may know.  I love to take pictures.  I am a scrapbooker (Creative Memories style) and therefore I need something to scrap.  It just so happens I have 2 beautiful kids to take a lot of pictures of (well and Nick is pretty hot though I don't see him as much as I see my kids).  For our 5 year anniversary I got a new Canon A95 digital camera, so this means I can take even more pictures because I can delete some!!!  (though you know, with a digital, you rarely delete pictures unless it is of the floor or something).  And now, since Nick and I both have our own camera, I carry mine around most places I go.  But, I feel akward just pulling it out all the time.  Like yesterday, taking the bus into work I looked at the downtown skyline and the clouds were low and the sun was shining, and I would have loved to take a picture of it, but with the window glass hindering a good picture and me not wanting looks from the other passengers, I did not get the picture.  So I wonder, besides the times when it is rude to take pics (like in church, or at confidential things) is it ever akward to take a pic? 

This does remind me, I really should play with my camera more.. and I need to send some pics in to be printed.
Otherwise today is like any normal day.  Still tired from my cold.  The season premiere of "Las Vegas" was on last night, so I watched that - it is a great show!  Today I have to muster up the energy to go to Target for diapers, an Anniversary Card for my Sister and to drop off my last roll of film from the film camera.

I do have one public service announcement... if you are going to get on a bus, make sure you stop smoking at least 5 minutes before you get on.  A lady sat behind me today on the bus that smelled of smoke and perfume and I about choked.  I had to cover my mouth with a jacket the rest of the trip.


Monday, September 19, 2005


Ok, I know the concept of being a perfect wife and a perfect mother is crazy.  It just does not work because you always have something pulling you away from perfection.  But, what happens when you feel you are so far from perfection that you border on failure?  Ok.. I guess I don't think I am a failure, just so far from perfect.  Hmm... I really wish I could expound on this, but because it is not just one big incident that makes me feel less then perfect I guess you can either understand or not understand.  I mean, I know I cannot be a Super Mom - take care of the kids, work full time, do everything around the house and be bright and cheery all the time.  At least Nick knows that neither one of us can do everything alone.

Case in point.  In a perfect world.  I would arrive home from work energized to see my kids.  After hellos I would proceed to the kitchen and take the steak out of the refridgerator because I thought ahead of time and place it there.  Then, as the theme song from "Entertainment Tonight" was heard from the kitchen TV I would be placing the above mentioned steaks on the grill and already getting the biscuits ready to cook.  We would start eating before 7.  Afterwards Nick and I (or in a even more dream world, my father in law) would clean up dinner and the kids.  I would then go throw a load of laundry in the washing machine and look through the mail, throwing the junk out while I pay the bills.  At 8 the laundry would go in the dryer and I would play with the kids (or give them a bath).  At about 8:30pm we would have the kids brush their teeth and then we would get them ready for bed so they would be in bed before 9.  Then off to a shower for me.  Last, I would be all ready for bed and watching the 10pm news from my bed.

In my real world.  I come home from work and say Hi to the kids and proceed to sit on the couch because I am so tired.  Sometimes I head into the kitchen at 6:30 only because my father-in-law has turned the TV station to the "Dukes of Hazzard" and I want to watch "ET".  Either way if I have to cook dinner I don't even think about it till around 7.  And usually it involves thawing something out, so that takes 15-20 min and means I don't even really start making dinner till 7:30.  Then we start eating about 8.  This means at around 8:30 we are pilling dishes (that can't go in the dishwasher) into the sink - and they may or may not be washed that night.  We are so tired we go hang out in the living room till about 9 and then proceed to get the kids ready for bed and into bed by 9:30.  Then sometimes I take my shower or I wait till after the news.. and I usually get to bet about 11:15 or 11:30.. no clothes washed and the mail just piling up on the dining room table.

Phew... no wonder I am not perfect, I just got exhausted thinking about it!  But really, I wish I could be closer to that perfect world *sigh*


Weekends Over/Clean

Well, can you believe it, I did not write at all this weekend!  I guess this means I can give y'all a long recap right now (eta: ok, I guess it did not turn out to be as long as I thought it could be).

Friday night Nick and I actually sat down and watched a movie, "The Incredibles".  Pretty good movie, though I was bummed because I remember we had recorded "Friday Night Lights" and I forgot about it, though I really want to see it.

Saturday Nick worked, so the first half of the day was spent playing with the kids.  Then Saturday night I went to Andrea's house and scrapbooked.  I actually did 11 pages!  So I felt really good.  Especially since I have not scrapped in at least a couple months.  Though, that meant I was at her house till 1am - eek!

Sunday was the first day of choir.  I did ok - I hit the notes in the offeratory song all by myself.. but afterwards my voice was shot and I could hardly sing the rest of the songs (due to the cold I still have).  Nick and the kids sat close to the choir loft so they could see me and kept waving.  And I guess Jeffrey turned to a lady behind them and said, "my mommy's up there."  Also, some of the other members were saying how much they have grown - which is great to hear, because I hardly notice.

Afterwards we cleaned the house!!  We can actually see our dining room table, our bathroom is sparkling and even our refridgerator/freezer is sparkling and cleaned out!!  And to reward myself I watched the Emmys.

Now it is Monday morning and I am worn out.  My cold was doing ok.. but today I kind of don't think so.  Oh well, right?

Well, I got to do some work now... Maybe I will right more later, maybe not.

Friday, September 16, 2005


Well, I just sent out an email to some of you that I have a blog... so to those just finding it, welcome to my blog.  I hope you enjoy it.  Feel free to leave a comment at the end of any post... or email me and let me know what you like or dislike and what you want to hear about.  Of course I talk a lot about my kids and some about Nick (well, he can already walk and talk in full sentences, so there is less to say)... but I also mention many other things about life in general.

So thanks for stopping... come back again real soon.  I try to post everyday, especially during the week.  Of course being able to email to it makes it so simple.  And hey, if you want your own blog you can get it for free at  I will even help you set it up!


Metro Transit.

Where else can I air my complaints about anything but here?  I actually sent these two complaints to the bus company this week.

Sent: September 14
On both September 13 & 14 I was waiting for the 677 in Mound on Three Points Blvd & Heron.  I was at the stop at 7:24am... though I can see the stop as I walk to it.  And I never saw a bus.  I do not know if it was really early, got confused by the detour or even made it all the way down my street.  But I am very upset that I had this problem.  If it were not for a good samaritan on Tuesday that lives in my neighborhood and gave me a ride, I would have had to sit in a ton of traffic (after going back home for my car) and been late to work.  And this morning (Wednesday) I had my husband drive down to make sure I got on... we ended up having to chase the bus down and eventually I got on at County Road 15 and Interlachen. 

I know this is the first week of a new driver but if we had our old driver this never would have happened.  Jerry always made sure to look out for us and knew where I was coming from. 

I need someone to call or email me and let me know what the deal is.  I do not think I have to be at the stop 10 minutes early - especially since I do not know if it was ever there.

Sent: September 16
I already complained about this for September 13 & 14... but I have to add to my complaint. This is for September 15 & 16. I arrived at my bus stop early again (at about 7:22 or 7:23am) and I could hear the bus and noticed that it already passed my stop at Three Points Blvd & Heron and was laying over at Jennings Rd and Gull Lane. Now anytime I have seen a bus layover in my area it has been at Three Points Blvd and Gull Lane and it has been before it comes to pick me up. So Thursday my husband drove me to where the bus driver was laying over (which was in the middle of construction, so I am sure the bus was in the way) and when I got on I asked if he was early and he shruged it off. The next person to get on at Three Points Blvd & Eagle also asked if he was early and he mentioned he likes to layover in Mound. I was curious if I was right as to when the bus is suppose to be at my stop, so last nig ht I went on this website and found that it should be at Three Points Blvd and Heron at 7:28am. So today (September 16) I noticed again that the bus was down at Jennings Rd and Gull Lane. There also happened to be two others at my stop... so we all walked down to Three Points Blvd and Gull Lane and got on after he was done laying over. I proceeded to mention to the bus driver that he is suppose to layover at Three Points and Gull and is supposed to be at my stop at 7:28 and even tried to show him what I printed off of this site. He shrugged it off and said to talk to you. I really feel this was a blatant disregard of his customer (me) and will not tolerate this being messed up every day.

The two other riders this morning told me that do not even have a car, so they would have not been able to get downtown, if it weren't for my observations.

Again, I expect a response from this and the previous complaint.
Thank you.

Interjecting for the blog: Can you tell I am mad?  I probably will call today too.  I just wanted something in writing.  I am so mad at this right now... I really don't want this driver on my route.

I'll write more later

Thursday, September 15, 2005


Ok... so this is not a question about a party, as in, streamers and balloons or drinks and pizza.  I was wondering... are blogs inheritly one political party?  I mean, are most bloggers Democrats or Republicans?  I say this because I have been surfing through blogexplosion (found that through my advertisement on the left hand side there) and I find most political leaning blogs to have a pro-Democrat leaning.  Now me, being the proud, card-carrying member of the Democratic party, I am not complaining.  I loved reading the blog from someone who thinks we would be more better off if Gore had won the electoral vote.  And I also enjoyed the one that someone talked about impeaching Bush (though I agree, that would be a hard thing to do).  So what do you think?  And for the sake of those that do not like politics or just too much talking about them (Hey Rox!) I will leave it at that.

So, I still am sick.  And I need to get better.  I have something Saturday night.  I sing at mass on Sunday (and will be one of the only 2 sopranos) and I have that sleep study.  I ended up taking a (generic) NyQuil last night and slept hard.  And right now I am drinking tea and so hopefully I will get better ASAP.

Did you know that more then one person can post to a blog?  That many groups use them?  Hmmm...

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I am sick!

I have a cold!  Blah!  I have had a sore throat for a couple days, but today I am really feeling it.  Mostly in the eyes and some in the nose.  I am pretty sure Jeffrey gave it to me because he has been coughing.  I really don't want to be sick now.  I have my first choir practice tonight.  Then next week I have the sleep study and cannot be sick for that.  I guess I will be drinking a lot of fluids and soup and getting rest and taking my Vitamin C.

Just wanted to let you know Metro Transit Bus Company SUCKS!  We had to chase after the bus today in Nick's truck - thankfully he went to the bus stop with me.

Though I have an observation.  There are two places in life that I never thought I would form a relationship.  Online and On the Bus.  I have talked about ScrapShare here and I don't think I have said how many friends I have made on it.  I know details about people's lives that they may not even share IRL (in real life).. and they know details of mine.  And I feel I can go anyway in the US and find an SS buddy to see.  Because of this, I am trying to go to PA to scrapbook w/ 40+ of my closest online friends - though not everyone will be there - darn.  And now Nick has said it is ok, if I earn the money through selling CM stuff.

Also, I may not have a friendship, but you really get to know some people on the bus.  I am always one of the first people on, so I really get to talk with the ones that get on right after (or before) me.  One's daughter babysat the kids, another one I have shared recipes with, and I am sad to say, we will be loosing another one when she moves across the city next month.  They really like it when I bring Samantha on the bus (& the rare day Jeffrey is on) because she is so good.. and she really gets to know the people and say Hi and Bye to them.  Too bad they changed bus drivers the beginning of the week, we had a great one (and I would not have had to chase after the bus with him).

Well, not much more to say at the moment.  Maybe I will have more later.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


First I have to say I am grateful for my neighbors who gave me a ride to work today.  I was at the bus stop early, so I have no clue where the bus was (I have to call about it) and they noticed I was there and asked me if I missed it and gave me a ride.  I was even more grateful when I saw the traffic on 394 today.

In my hustle and bustle of trying to leave the house today, I have a cute kid story.  When Nick went to get Samantha's shoes and I went to get my shoes out of the closet, Jeffrey was with and took his own shoes and backpack out and wanted to leave for preschool.  We had to tell him he had to wait about another hour.  But I am glad to see he was excited.  And I dropped Samantha off at day care and the dc lady said she has never seen a kid just meld right into the group of kids.  Already Jeffrey's "girlfriend" there is calling Samantha her friend.  I am glad.  Such a proud momma.

Back to the old diet today.  I ate so much crap yesterday I actually felt it - blah!  And hopefully Laura and I will have the time to walk.

Hey, so keeping with my kindness theme, my friend Roxanne told me about this.  There is an animal shelter here in MN, <>

 and they are going to go down to New Orleans and take in some of the animals that need adoption... well, they need room in their shelter, so they are trying to get people to adopt the animals they already have.  And I guess they are a no kill shelter, so if you are looking to adopt, there ya go. 


Monday, September 12, 2005

Day after....

Well I find one thing that has changed since I have gotten older... I don't have the "day after my birthday blues" as much as I used to.  I guess it is because I expect nothing - except for people to wish me a Happy Birthday and for a card from dh and the kids.  Well I am still waiting on the card, but that is nothing new.  Also, I think they will do something at work today w/ treats, they usually do. 

Of course today is Monday and it is the slowest day of the week.  Usually I take the day to look back on the weekend and realize again that I did not do any or enough cleaning.  Well sure enough, I did not get done what I wanted to.  Though I did have some time on Sunday I just felt I should not work too hard on my birthday.

So I hope you have been enjoying my pictures!  I got myself an imageevent site and have been enjoying posting pics.  Though I did not plan to post so many because I do have to scrapbook them too.  I am just glad I am taking sometime to back up my photos, so I feel better about erasing them.  And I still am enjoying my camera.  Jeffrey is starting to know that you can see the picture after you take it, so he always wants to look.

And tomorrow is day 2 for Jeffrey at preschool and Samantha at day care.  I am excited to hear how their day goes.
So I have decided.  We have a 1 car attached garage and a 2 car detached garage.  And I really think we should take the attached garage and remodel and make it into an office/scrap room.  I mean, my car is never in it.  But, Gar (my father-in-law) has his car in it and gosh knows he would hate for something to happen to it.  So for now, I will not get my office... too bad.  Maybe we can move soon and I can have the perfect place!

Well that is it for now.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Happy Birthday To Me!

Happy Birthday to Me!
Happy Birthday to Me!
Happy Birthday to Me!
Happy Birthday to Me!

Well, I am another year older. The backside of my twenties!! Ah well... If you have a birthday that means you are still alive!! No, I actually like birthdays and remind everyone - if they don't remember - that it is my special day. I mean you only have one day a year for a birthday.
Today was good. Got woken up twice overnight by Jeff.. so I was tired. After breakfast we went to the Our Lady of the Lake Incredible Festival. We all went on a ride or more... Jeffrey went on a bunch, he really is at the age where he enjoys rides. He even went on the Spider w/ Daddy.

Samantha still had a problem w/ the rides....

But she ended up warming up to them. And she went on another one.

And Mommy even went on a ride w/ Jeffrey

They had a great time

Later on this evening we went to Champps in Minnetonka for my birthday dinner.
My friends Roxanne and Tonya came with. I was glad they both could stop by.

And of course my parents were there - here is them with the kids:

Here is a pic of the 4 of us!!

I got a free ice cream sundae and was sang too. Though I did feel sick for just a minute in the middle of it. I love going out to eat with those that I love.
So that is my day in a nut shell. Of course Nick has not gotten me a card yet, so I am waiting for that. Also, I made an observation. It is kind of sad, actually. This is the first birthday I have had and have not gotten a card from my Grandpa B. This is because he died last year. Probably the last card he sent out was for Nick's birthday. He was always so great at sending out cards. So Grandpa, I am thinking about you today.
Also, this is the 4th Anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. I want to say I am sorry for anyone with a personal story of that day.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

My favorite time

Whenever I get those "getting to know you" emails from my friends, it inevitably asks what your favorite day is. Well I don't have a specific day.. though I do have a favorite 24 hour period. It is Friday evening to Saturday evening. And right now I happen to be in my favorite time. Almost anyone who works (FT M-F) can understand why I say this, it is the farthest time from when I have to work next. Of course Saturdays aren't as fun as they used to be. I used to be able to sleep in on Saturdays.. which meant I could stay up late on Fridays and/or take my time in the mornings. Two toddlers have changed that. Now I get maybe an extra hour of sleep compared to when I have to get up for work. And then I usually have to deal w/ both of the kids because Nick works many Saturdays. Oh well... someday I can sleep in.
I did have some fun today. Samantha was down for her nap and I knew I needed to get my exercise, so Jeffrey and I went for a walk. Well I walked, he rode... but that is good for me. And we stopped at the park. He had a lot of fun, and I did too.
I realized I never talk about our fur baby, Mollie... well I have, but her is a pic from a couple weeks ago:

Also, here is another pic of the kids:

Well tonight is THE night. This is the last race for the 10 drivers for the chase qualify. Jeff Gordon is currently 12th, he needs to be 10th or higher. Good Luck Jeff!
And tomorrow is THE BIG DAY. MY 26th!!!!!!

Friday, September 09, 2005

Little men..

Ok... a friend just showed this to me... I am going to see if I can post it here. If so, it is so funny.

It is actually 4 images. Here is the image url:

Not much to say

Sometimes, I really do not have a lot to say.  I updated y'all on Jeffrey's first day of preschool and Samantha's first day of day care.  Nothing exciting happening at work today.  And really, no deep thoughts in my head.  So we will say... maybe this will be a "Seinfeld" post (a post about nothing).

I suppose I could talk about the internet.  I LOVE THE INTERNET.  I want to thank the people that invented it, profusely.  I actually did a report on the internet a long time ago and found that the army develped it.  Of course it has only been in the past 8-10 years it has really became popular.  It just does not seem right to have a (newer) computer and not have internet access to it.  Now, I did not meet Nick online... but I have met some other people who I would call friends.  One place is I can go and talk about scrapbooking and Creative Memories or other various topics.  I only hope I can meet somemore people (I did meet some at Showcase in August) in November.  If I can turn to the internet to find out anything, I will.  No longer do I look at a phone book or map if I can help it.  And probably one of the best overall features is that you can get news and information that has just been updated 24/7.  I think one of the next things to impact the internet will be cheaper wireless connections... so you can take your laptop anywhere and get on.  (Though that may not be such a good thing for me because I would really take advantage of it.

And while I am talking about technology, I need to mention cell phones.  I have had a cell for 8 years or so.  I cannot imagine not having one.  And it has become more important since I became a parent.  I feel more comfortable not being with my kids, because I know I can call whoever is watching them, or they can call me.

So I took an unscientific poll and found most people like hearing about my daily stuff.  Ok.. I can do that.  Though I do have my limits... you will never hear how often I pee in one day - though lately it has been a lot more since I have been drinking more water.  And BTW.. that means today is weigh in day.  I will have to do that tonight.  I think w/ Sunday being my birthday - all diet plans are off!  I should be able to have some desert!!

Anyways... this is getting long enough.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

P & D Day Update

Well.... it is night and both of my kids had a great day.
Jeffrey did really well at speech and preschool. I guess his only "problem" was his lack of attention - but most kids were doing that. From what I could get from Jeffrey, he played on the sand table and had teddy grahams for a snack. And I guess he did use the potty.
Samantha also had a great day. Our day care person said she was just excellent. She played and when it was time to go take a nap, she went right to bed. And when Samantha was leaving, Jeffrey's "girlfriend" Emily came down and said that Samantha is her friend!
*sniff* my kids are growing up!!

P & D Day!!!

Today is the day.... Jeffrey's first day of Preschool and Samantha's first day of Day care. We went to Jeffrey's classroom visit yesterday and he looked like he was having fun and when we came home he had to put his backpack back on and so did here they are...

Here is Jeff and I in front of where his preschool is

And here is Jeff with his snack bear he made

And check out the black eye.... he got it at day care yesterday when he fell into a magazine rack. I guess he did not cry!

So, so far, so good. Nick dropped Samantha off at daycare and she went in and played with the toys... and he dropped off Jeffrey at the preschool place early so he could go to speech and was all excited before they even left the house. He kept hoping it was time to put his shoes on. I will find out how he did in a little bit when Nick gives me a call!!
And I will keep you posted!


Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Ramblings of a crazy woman

Ok... I know I am not really crazy... but I figure today's post will cover a lot of things (ETA: ok maybe not a lot of things, I kind of ran out of steam).

First, clean up and recovery from Hurricane Katrina is still going on.  Many people have been evacuated from New Orleans but there is still 10,000 or so that they are going to force to leave.  Also, they are cleaning up in Mississippi and Alabama, many homes there are just piles of wood.  Yesterday I saw the most powerful Oprah.  She had a chance to look at things the way news organizations really don't.  I really hate to try to summarize, so I will just say I had a hard time not crying more then once.

It is interesting.  Because of this tragedy a lot of people say such-and-such happened... but it is not as bad as the people had it down there.  The other day some in the Twin Cities had their own flooding due to a storm, but said it is not a big deal, everyone is ok... not like what happened down there.  Things like this make you re-think your priorities.  Yes, there are some irreplacible items (with me and scrapbooking, pictures come to mind) but just the fact that I have a healthy and safe family, that is what matters.

And speaking of family, and to make this post a little lighter.  I am going to talk about my two precious "babies".  I took Jeffrey yesterday to get a haircut and he looks so cute.  She really cut a lot of hair off.  Jeff was so excited and Nick really liked it too.  Then, when we got home I gave him his backpack.  I think he would sleep with it if I let him!!  And good thing we had a second (smaller) backpack floating around because Samantha wanted to wear one too.  I will have to get a pic of the both of them later.  I think Samantha is really going to have a good time at daycare, too.


Tuesday, September 06, 2005

After Labor Day

Well, Labor Day has come and gone.  And so goes Summer here in MN.  I mean, it is supposed to be around 80-something today, but otherwise... summer is over.  Today, most kids went back to school.  I saw the school bus go down my street and cannot forget when I was in high school.  Yesterday was the last day of the State Fair, and while I could take it or leave it when it comes to the fair, that also means the end of a carefree summer.  Of course now as a grown up, changes like these are not felt as hard... well kind of.. because as a mother, this is the first year I have a baby going to school.  Jeffrey starts preschool on Thursday.  I think he will have such a wonderful time and it will help him so much.  I have to buy his first backpack today, wow.

Of course with Labor Day over, that means I can look forward to my birthday!!  On Sunday I will be 26!  Wow!  I think my Mom was 26 when she married my Dad and 27 when she had me!

Well off for my daily walk.  Hey, I weighed myself on Friday and lost 2 pounds from Monday!!  Wohoo!!

Thursday, September 01, 2005


Ok.. I would not say I am a dirty person, nor would I say I am a neat freek.  But lately, our house has become quite a mess and I have hardly cared.  I know a lot of it is because I am just exhausted (even if Nick thinks it is all in my head, it isn't).  We have not seen our kitchen table in over a week.  Which I really want to blame Nick for.  I at least try to pile things up into my pile and his pile, but he likes to throw everything anywhere... plus, he so wanted an office in the garage but he never uses it... so we probably have about two bag fulls of stuff that is just his work stuff.  So really, why am I supposed to care if he doesn't.  He actually put laundry away last weekend, I was amazed because he had not hung up his clothes in like a month.  I am the only one that has cleaned the bathroom in quite some time.  And kid's toys... I usually leave them out till Gar gets annoyed enough by them to clean them up.

Why bother...
Maybe my house is a reflection of who I am inside?

On a happier note... we have parents night for Jeffrey's preschool tonight. 
And Monday is Labor Day, so I do not have work!