Monday, August 28, 2006

Drunk Joke

Gettin' Drunk   
One day this guy was sitting at this bar in Chicago and looks over and sees this guy that looks exactly like him. He says to the guy, �Hey you look just like me!�
The other man agrees and asks, �Where are you from?�
The first guy answers, �Chicago.�
�Me too!� says the second guy, �What street do you live on?�
�Forty-Ninth Street,� answers the first guy.
�Me too!� says the second guy, becoming increasingly excited. �What's your address?�
�Me too! Wow, this is incredible! What are your parents' names?�
� John and Cathy,� says the first guy. �Me too!� shouts the second guy. �I wonder if we're related!?�
Meanwhile, the bartenders are changing shifts and the guy coming on asks if anything is new. �No,� says the first bartender, �just the Smith twins, drunk again.�

Friday, August 25, 2006

Go Vikings!

Ok... today is the 3rd game of the preseason for the Minnesota Vikings. And I am jealous because Nick is at the game. Jeffrey did pick out a Vikes jersey to wear today, so I thought as I turned the game on, we should all match. So here is our self portrait (really good - especially since I took it with the timer) of us tonight.


Thursday, August 24, 2006

Tastefully Simple & Oceangram

Ok.. I am about 99.9% sure I am going to sign up with Tastefully Simple as a consultant the beginning of September. I had thought about doing it in the past but never did. But now that I don't know a local consultant and they have done some updating of their shows and various other things, I really want to go for it. Plus, I have a couple people that would want to have a show and am hoping to find some others that would (so if you know me, let me know if you want to...). I really hope this is something I can make a go of. And if you have never heard of TS (gourmet food) check out their website at
Tastefully Simple. Just got to convince Nick!!

My SS friends turned me on to a cool website.. it is the internet version of message in a bottle. You can send out messages and then wait for one to come to you. I just got one back that Jeffrey and I sent out and I have been only doing it today. It is at
Oceangram and if you see a message signed Empress4, that is me!!!

Saturday, August 19, 2006


is how I feel today. Nick took Jeffrey to the Game Fair, I just put Samantha down for a nap. The house is quiet except for the radio I put on... but I just don't know what to do. I mean the house needs to be cleaned, I could take a nap or a shower, but I know I need to get off of the computer. It doesn't help that I have kind of felt this way since Gar died and I left my job. When I do have the opportunity to be around adults I almost don't know how to act or what to say. And I still have no energy.
I just said to myself, maybe I need to get a job. Something part time. I just think it is going to be a month or two before Nick's work will slow down enough for me to work.

I am just so tired of feeling this way.


Friday, August 18, 2006

Friday Ramblings

Have you ever done something you know wasn't the best choice.... but really knew it wouldn't impact you.. because you.didn' I had that happen recently. Funny how a couple years back I maybe would have and now, nope!
So I created the blog for Nick's company and haven't written anything yet... don't know how to start out a blog about landscaping. What should the first thing I write about be?
I didn't sleep well last night.. I couldn't fall asleep. So now I am tired today and have been walking around in a fog.. this means I haven't gotten much done. I tell myself I deserve a day like this.. but it seems like I tell myself that most days. And it is interesting how one moment I am going nuts being a SAHM and home all the time and the next I am glad for its protective shield because I don't have to go out.
I have gotten to watch a couple movies the past couple weeks that I have wanted to see...

Both were great movies that talked about social issues. North Country was filmed here in Minnesota and RENT is a Musical.. so that was a big bonus for me.
Well we are coming up to the end of summer. I don't know about other places, but here Labor Day is the end of summer. We have the State Fair the 11 days leading up to it (and Labor Day) and school usually starts the day after. This means there are a lot of things coming up to finish out the summer. Sounds like both weekends left in August are filled.
Well, I suppose I should do something..hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

Thursday, August 17, 2006


Ok... so this is the first week of the Scrapshare blog challenge and the topic is color.
Well this is an easy one for me.. my favorite color is:
It started when I was 13 or 14, my love affair with purple. This of course came a year or two after my father had painted my room pink. So alas... I was a purple lover in a pink room. I don't know why I initially came to like purple.. I think it is such a unique color. And any shade, to me, is beautiful. Now after I figuared that out I really didn't go out of my way to pick purple till I graduated high school. At that time I choose a cake with purple writing, even if my school colors were red and white.. and after an initial stop at a different college, the one I graduated from did have the colors purple and gray. By that time I was using a purple backpack and buying purple shirts. I also felt blessed to have the hometown Minnesota Vikings use the colors purple and gold (better then the green and gold of the Packers!).
And when I was blessed to walk down the aisle and became Nick's wife, I picked the colors purple and green (for our favorite colors). Eventually we bought a house and the second bedroom was painted a light purple for the eventual children...and their room is still purple. And when we got Maggie I got to pick the color of her collar and leash.. purple!
Eventually I came to learn that purple is the color of royalty... kind of funny when my online nickname is Empress4. That makes it evener cooler of a color.

Before & After

So I had been growing my hair out... well the other day I said I had enough of it being long. It was starting to be a pain. So Tuesday I had it cut. I think I am about as happy with it as I can be.. maybe could have taken another inch off.
Here are the before and after pics:

Do you like it??


Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Ok... I admit... I have always wanted to go to Build a Bear Workshop for myself... but alas.. I haven't. Instead, tonight I took my kids to their first trip there and they each came home with a new buddy. Here is our photo journey....
First stop was picking out their new friend. Here they are holding them.. Jeffrey picked out a dog and Samantha picked out a bear...

Next it was off to the stuffing station where each one got to help stuff and then put in a heart..

And then off to the fluffing station.. after they each picked out an outfit and took them home...

And introducing... Jeffrey with doggie and Samantha with bearie...

I think they like their new friends. I told them it was a treat for dealing with the lice issue so well. And they both are sleeping with them tonight.