Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Pink Eye!

Well... after 2 years, 10 months and 8 days of life on this earth my oldest (ds) has gotten pink eye!!! And I am sure my youngest (dd) will be getting it at about 1 year, 5 months and 2-4 days of life. Ick, ick, ick!!! It is hard on a mother to see you kid sick with something like that.. it is not like you can give them a good dose of motrin and put them to bed and they will feel better. Instead we have to worry about eye drops, and him not touching his eye, and washing our hands constantly - all this while trying to prevent Samantha from getting it... oh and ourselves as well. But Jeffrey is really being a trooper. He really understands washing his hands a lot. Though another thing that sucks about pink eye is that unlike when they have a cold, you do not want to coddle them... because it is so contagious and can keep coming back... you want them (or atleast their eyes) to be as far away from you as possible. So we have resorted to giving Jeffrey kisses on the head, and telling him to look away when we give hugs. Poor kid. :-(

Today it is raining. Today is one of the only days when it actually does not suck that it is raining... because it could be cold enough it could be a snowy, slushy mess. Plus we need the rain after not having a lot of snow this year (I am not complaining).

Otherwise, life kind of sucks... the only bright spot is I am having a Creative Memories show tonight!! I hope it does good because I NEED to place an order today or tomorrow.


Sunday, March 27, 2005

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter to all!! It actually feels kind of like Easter here. The temps got to about 55 degrees here and it was sunny off and on. I am glad when Easter=spring. It was nice enough to put Samantha in a dress and the kids (after they changed out of their Easter best) could go outside for an Easter Egg hunt!! They had a lot of fun, and even Samantha was looking (though I had to pick them up for her - picky girl), and of course Jeffrey got more then Samantha. Then it was off to inside for their Easter gifts (rather EB brings that then candy). Before that I had finished my long streak of singing. I sang twice on Palm Sunday, Hold Thursday, (long) Easter Vigil and then two masses today for Easter. We were all beat by the end of today.
And so I have not gotten tons done today. Just do not have a lot of energy and motivation. I did not even scrapbook this weekend.
Ah well, not much else... I just go to work, come home, deal with kids, and repeat. This is the life of a wife and mother!!!


Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Just Do It!

Just Do it - Nike's famous ad campaign - is something we should remember in our daily lives. Yet I just cannot seem to follow that. If you got points for thinking about doing it, I would be the champion... but you don't. You get points for actually doing things in life. I find this is such a problem. I am lazy, and a procrastinator... and I know it... but how do I change it? Well, I could, like they say, just do it.. don't think, just do. But then why don't I?? Hmm... If I would just change that attitude I will have grown immensely.
One of my favorite quotes that I wrote is, "You can live in hope, but you cannot live on hope". Basically, you can have many hopes and dreams, but unless you do something about them, you will wither away.
It is sad... I know these things about myself.. but it does not help me. I have read enough self help books to know what to do.. but it does not help me. So, what is going to happen? Am I going to change and grow or sit in a dark corner and just exist????

On a lighter note, we saw ducks on our pond today. Jeffrey was so excited to see them.. he could have watched them all morning. I just could not believe that it was warm enough in the freezing water for them. I watched them keep bobbing for food (hopefully organisms and not the fish). That was fun to watch on this sunny day. Also, winter looks like it is on its way out!!! WOHOO!! I love the spring and cannot wait for it. This year both kids will be able to play outside and swim and run. I am hoping to finally do some swimming myself - especially after having LASEK eye surgery.
Samantha got to stop and see her brother at day care yesterday. Then last night she was just a goof ball. The kids are both at such a fun age. With Samantha, she is so cute the way she acts. And with Jeffrey, he is so cute with what he says. And his speech is really taking off. Now we are just waiting for Samantha to really start talking. I only hope she does not have the problems Jeffrey has.

And the next three weeks or so are very busy for Nick. I wish him luck with all the learning he is doing to better his company and himself. He has not been in a school-type setting in 11 years. And he even has to take a test when he does his realtor stuff!!

Wow, this is getting long... but I guess I have a lot on my mind. It was my friend's second anniversary yesterday - and that reminded me that it will be my 5th this year. I really hope we have the time and money to take a couple days just Nick and I and go away. Funny, this morning I was thinking how we should have a "sex and scrapbooking" retreat together!!! That would be tons of fun!!

Well, off to help another department.


Sunday, March 20, 2005


I do not know if I have ever sat through 2 masses in a morning... well I did so today. And to be honest with you - that was A LOT! Now with singing with the choir we sing at both masses on Palm Sunday (today) and Easter. It did not help anything that the passion is so long to read - so the mass was at least 1 hour 15 min each... but wow.
And I was so tired from yesterday that it just compounded, so now all I want to do is go to bed.
Well at least today is the first day of Spring. Temperatures should be in the forties this week. We may have had our last snow storm on Friday. It getting nice out can really cheer me up. Lately I have been in such a funk. Of course it does not help that I am tired and have a cold.

Well... time to get off my butt and do something.


Thursday, March 17, 2005


Yea... that is what it is here at work. And I can officially say that because both of the managers also say that. I swear if it was not for me going over to another department to help out I would probably eat my hand off. I probably would have written more if I would be at my desk this whole, boring time.
And to top it off, I have a cold. And it is not easy to sing with a cold. But I need to get better. I have a busy next two weeks. Next thing is Saturday. I have CM trip chasers in the morning and then a Spring Training thing.

Have I ever said that I have two of the cutest kids? Jeffrey is starting to get better at saying two things together, but only if you ask him to do so. He got a hair cut the other day, so he looks a little different. And Samantha is just a spit fire. She has so many expressions - ranging from overjoyed to pissed off!!

Otherwise.. we are supposed to get a big snow storm. I really hope we do not get much, if any snow... I would rather it be rain. It is 35-36 degrees now.. but it may be cold enough to snow tomorrow.

Thats all.


Saturday, March 12, 2005

Yay! It is Saturday!!

Yea... did I tell you I like Saturdays? Well for the most part, I do. I especially like the not working today part. The only thing that sucks is that I usually stay up on Friday nights and scrapbook and then Jeffrey wakes me up earlier then I want to be woken up. Today is a great Saturday for me because today is (supposed to be) Nick's last day supervising basketball ever!!! He has done it for 14 years.. and it gets harder every year because he has a family now and his business. I cannot imagine doing anything like that for 14 years... my relationship with Nick will be going on 8 years and I will be at my job for 4 this summer.
So I got 6 pages done yesterday. That is my usual for a night time scrap. I wish I could do more but with it so late I just shut down.
I picked up my Grandfather's car from my parents' house Thursday night. So now I can have a vehicle with "no strings attached".
So, while Samantha is watching from her high chair, Jeffrey is spinning in circles. They are such goof balls. But I would not trade them for anything. The best is when I come home from work and they see me and get such a wonderful look on their faces!!
Well wish me luck alone with the kids today!!!


Thursday, March 10, 2005

Busy, busy, busy....

Yea.. that is how I feel at work (for once)... learning all this stuff in another department while still doing my own leads to a feeling of getting a lot done... though I still do not feel like the day just flies by... oh well... I am getting excited for my new (temporary) adventure.

Otherwise... Jeffrey is getting his hair cut today! Wohoo! and tomorrow is Friday!


Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Another 180...

Yep... life has turned more towards the happy side... I have gotten more sleep the past couple of days (even though I have been going to bed because of a headache).
And someone at work has quit. She was filling in for another one on maternity leave, so now I get to fill in for that person. That means there is WORK to do... I really should not be bored now. And I also will get to try (again) for that sales assistant position - wish me luck!!
Otherwise just trying to keep everything straight in me head.
I have choir tonight, so not an early night, oh well... I am in such better spirits!!


Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Why is it?

Why is it that one day you can be so happy and the next day so sad... or even from one hour to another...that was me yesterday... Once in a while the boringness and monotony of this job gets to me and I just want to scream, or run out of here and never come back... why is that? Why do we beat ourselves up by going to jobs that do not fulfill us? I mean I know we need the money, but at what point is it not worth it?

And why is it that I can get 8 hours of sleep and still be tired? I do not think I will ever feel 100% rested. *YAWN*

I need to get stuff done...I need to get stuff done...I need to get stuff done...


Monday, March 07, 2005

I have a case of the Mondays....

Yea it is Monday.... blah!!! Of course today is 180 degrees different from yesterday. It is cold with a wind chill, I have to work, and my head is bothering me. What a tease MN weather is... still makes me want to get out of this place.
Have you ever had one of those times when you feel you have so much to do that you cannot sit still long enough to do it? I am having one of those days. And of course it is not work that is giving me a lot to do, just all the "home" stuff I cannot do because I am here. These days make me want to just stay home.
BTW... if you see any money laying on the side of the road, it is mine!!!


Sunday, March 06, 2005

Spring Fever

It is official... Spring is coming soon... ok not tomorrow, but..
We sure got a taste of it today though.. highs close to 60! I had both kids outside today and they both did not want to come in. What I like most about nice days like these in MN in March is that they give you hope.... after all the coldness and the gloominiess... you know that something good can happen.
Well if you check over in my Creative Memories blog I added my Book of Me layouts that I had done. I was working on my "Why I scrapbook" page today.

Ya know... I really want more kids... but I kind of worry about taking care of more. I know it would not happen till I could be a stay at home mom, but still... I do miss having a little baby and feel the farther away I get from that, the harder it will be to go back. I just never saw myself as the mother of just two. Plus I did not act like my last pregnancy was my last pregnancy ever.

And I am starting to feel like I am running out of things to look at on the internet. I mean, I still need to look at my usual sites every day, but beyond that.

Well, I should take a shower so I can try to get some sleep.


More pics of my family

Here are a couple more family photos:

Image hosted by
Our Holiday Photo - taken in November 2004

Image hosted by
The kids on Christmas 2004

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Productive Saturday

Normally I do not feel I am that productive on my Saturdays... today was different. I sure did not think I would be though. I went to bed at 1AM and Jeffrey woke me up at 7 with a poopy diaper. Yuck! So I got up and got stuff done.
I cleaned dirty griddles and pots in the kitchen, cleaned off the kitchen table (pretty much), I went through my files upstairs and took out all the 2004 ones and organized them, I also organized the bills that needed to be paid. I did three loads of laundry - and put away almost all the clothes). I made a good lunch and a great dinner. All while taking care of two young kids - one which will not sleep if you pay him!! So, I am tooting my own horn, but I guess I can.
Also, looks like the car is sold! I am not used to selling cars. In my family we ran our cars into the ground. Oh well... we will get a car (instead of an SUV) and definetly not go through as much gas.
Oh, here is my first knitting project... my scarf:
Image hosted by
Pretty good for my first thing, if I do say so myself!!

Well off to go knit more of my second project...


Friday, March 04, 2005

Now today is the best day!!

Yay it is Friday!!! And Pay Day to boot!!!

Yesterday I took Jeffrey on his first bus ride, and today I take Samantha on her second... I hope she does good, she was kind of squirmy last time. Jeffrey was good though.. once he got over that he was not riding the bus in front of us. He is talking so much better now. Though he can still do only one word at a time. Hopefully Samantha will start expanding her vocabulary soon too.

Just like most Friday nights, I plan to scrapbook tonight. I think I will work on more of the family album, though I do need to do my Book of Me page this week. This one is "Why I scrapbook..." and I wrote the challenge.

Well off to Target soon to get the usual diapers (and more pictures!).


Thursday, March 03, 2005

Finally over the "hump"

Today is the day I officially can feel the weekend coming. Though it is funny I look so forward to the weekends but they go fast and actually the whole week goes fast. I guess that is a part of growing up.
So I went to the choir practice... it sounds like they want me to join permenently... so I might, depends on if Nick wants to watch two kids while I am singing. It was fun to sing again - plus the group is so goofy!!
Nick is at the auction today pricing out vehicles. I guess my first new car is being sold tomorrow :-( Oh well.
And we are living in health insurance claim hell. Did you know that some companies (like mine) are self insured? Meaning that even though I have a certain insurance, it is just a front; that my company actually collects all the premiums and pays all the bills!!! Makes me believe there is something fishy going on.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Hey... I came back!!!

Well it is Wednesday...hump day! My mother always likes to remind me of that in her daily emails...I do not know if it makes me feel like the week is half over or if that I still have half the week to go. Oh well. My favorite "day" is always Friday evening to Saturday evening anyways. Though weeks have been going a lot faster lately.
Today I am going to choir practice at my church so I can sing at the Easter Mass.... I have not sang in a religous setting since early college and at a church since I was in 6th or 7th grade. I am only doing this because you only have to go 4 times to sing on Easter...otherwise it is too hard to commit to it. I also hope to meet somemore people at church.
So we are trying to decide if we just want to sell our Trailblazer or if we also want to sell Fil's Blazer... I kind of like the idea of both... because then we would get a cheap Suburban and then a car (possibly a Volkswagen Passat - used), just because I want a halfway decent car and they do get better mileage.

So here I write... wondering how or if people see this... so if you do stop by, just drop me a line and say Hi!!!


Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Well now that I found the site.. I cannot stop posting.

I just wanted to let you know I am learning how to knit. Knitting is so relaxing.. I am almost done making my first project.
I already have my next one planned.. though I am looking for a pattern for the one after that. I want to make a black lace-like thin summer scarf.. not too complicated.. so if anyone sees this, that is what I am looking for.

I cannot wait to finish my project!!

My favorite website...

My favorite website is one that I have been hanging out at regularly since is (re) opened in September (before that it had a different address/look to it...
It is and it is all about scrapbooking. Every day I check my email first and then this website!
You Gals Rock!!

My kids!

Here is a picture of my kids from October 2004!!

I finally figured out where I left my blog

Hey it is March 1, 2005 and I found my blog... I forgot to bookmark it or write it down, so...

Right now life is hard (kind of like how "George Bush" says it on SNL)... Nick is hardly working, so the money is not coming in like it should. And I feel I am in such a dead end job that I need something else... but I have to still play it safe. I just wish it was April or May and we were past this "hump".

Well I should take this "puppy" for a spin!!

C-ya! :-]