Friday, October 14, 2005

Jeff's first field trip

As I said in an earlier post.. Jeffrey went on his first field trip on Tuesday (Oct 11). Nick got to go with so he gave me a full recap, which I will try to paraphrase. This also was Jeffrey's first time on a school bus (though he has been on a city bus with me over a handful of times).

While he was there he had a chance to pet the animals. This was a big step, because the last time he could pet animals he was scared of them. I know he got to pet cows and chickens.

He also got a chance to milk a fake cow and color a farm coloring sheet.

The also read stories, got to play in a hay maze and climb on some hay

And he even learned "Old McDonald. So it sounds like Jeffrey and Daddy had a fun morning. And it makes me want to chaperone his next trip!


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