Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to me and all the other Mothers out there - whether you are a mother-to-be (as I was 6 years ago) or a "special Mom", whether your children were born in your tummy or in your heart. I love having this day where we honor Mothers!!!
In celebration of this being my first Mother's Day with 3 children, here are my three little (?) bundles of joy (with Lucy)! Jeffrey, Samantha & Carter do make this day extra special for me.

Nick is going to make dinner for us tonight. Of course I wish my Dad was still around and we could continue our tradition where us and my parents went out for dinner, but with him being gone I just don't feel like going out to eat.
Fathers must get jealous that Mother's Day falls during the school year because every year the kids seem to make me creative Mother's Day gifts but school is already out for his day (mental note to try to think of something creative for them to make this year). And this year was great... here are what the kids made at school. The card with the person giving a hug was made by Jeffrey and Samantha made the hand in the clay.. on the other said it talks about stuff we like to eat together like noodles, wraps and parmesan cheese!!

Don't know yet if Nick will get me a card from him and/or the kids. He doesn't seem to be great at remembering that.
I hope your day is happy!!


Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I suck it up..

I have a minor medical issue... something I get often enough... yet it is one of those things if it doesn't go away in a day or so I need a prescription which usually means running to the Doctor. I have had this since Friday.
And I suck it up...

I suck it up... because I always think I can beat this myself.
I suck it up... because Nick thinks that my family runs to the Dr. too much.
I suck it up... because gas costs around $3.50 and it can be almost a 1/4 a tank to drive to the Dr.
I suck it up... because I have to take one to three kids with to the Dr.
I suck it up... because health insurance is for the healthy and it will still cost me to go to the Dr.
I suck it up... because I feel so icky I just want to stay home and hide.

So I sucked it up long enough today and called the Dr. and after having to wait all day I got one piece of good news about 10 minutes ago... they can just call my prescription in.
Guess no more sucking it up!!!


Monday, May 05, 2008

6 Months Old!

Yes, my Carter is half a year old. I cannot believe it. For awhile the time was dragging but now all of a suddenly it is going pretty fast. A lot people think that this is the fun age for babies, before they are walking and tearing through the house, but after they start getting a personality. And Carter sure does have a personality! Thankfully it is usually happy unless he is hungry.

He is turning into the turning fool. He can go from his tummy to his back and his back to his tummy. And he can sure hold his head up well. If I put him in a sitting position he can sit for a very short period of time.

And Samantha and Jeffrey still just adore him. Samantha loves to make him "pile" (smile) and Jeffrey just cannot wait to pick him up and carry him. Of course I am thinking he really loves his mother. My voice is on my Mom's answering machine (yea, she still doesn't have voice mail) and once when she was watching him it came on and he turned to look for me!!

We had his 6 month checkup on Friday. The Dr. says he looks great. His measurements are 16 lbs 2 oz (30%), length is 26 1/4" (50%) and his head is 17 1/2" (75%).

A couple weeks ago we started spoon feeding him rice cereal. I don't always remember to give him some every night but I need to get better at that. I am also planning on giving him some fruits and veggies sometime this week. Last year I bought a Magic Bullet and plan to try to make some of his baby food.

Just over a week ago Nick put up Carter's crib. He has been taking his nap in there as well as starting the night in there. Last week he probably slept the whole night about half the time. So there is hope that he will let me get sleep consistantly soon.

Wow! I thought this was going to be a short post... but I guess Carter has sure done a lot lately. He already is getting to be such a big boy.


Thursday, May 01, 2008

Introducing Lucy!

Introducing our new puppy, Lucy:

When Maggie died we knew we couldn't be without a little dog for long. So we went back to the place that we got Maggie and saw that they had some shih poos available right away and soon. We found one that was born on February 4, had the same father and was going to be available the beginning of April. So on Thursday, April 10 Nick went and got her.
Now the kids knew we were talking about getting another one, but they did not know when. Partially because I didn't want Jeffrey to miss school since we were getting her while he was gone. Nick brought her home in the morning so Jeff was gone but this was Samantha and Carter's reaction when they saw her

Samantha was pretty excited but nothing could contain the excitement Jeffrey felt when he got home from school and Samantha brought her out

After discussing it all day (and initially thinking we were going to call her Abby) we settled on Lucy. Kind of a break from the "M" names we have named our dogs in the past.
Of course I get to hold her a lot

Potty training has gone ok... she is starting to get the hang of using the bell to go outside, though at times she can be lazy. Samantha and Jeffrey are great with her... they are always taking her out and playing with her. This has been a Godsend because it can get kind of crazy having a new puppy and a baby. Carter, well, he doesn't same much about her. We do have to watch her around him or she mistakes him for a play toy. And Nick is just grateful to have a new "drinking buddy".
Max hasn't had much play time with her, but Scooter has and is quite dissapointed... he thought he would be the only furry friend in the house for awhile.