Monday, March 24, 2008

Partial revamp

As you may be able to see... I did a partial revamp of the blog. I am actually on the hunt for a new template, but till then I changed something in the templates section.
I also deleted a couple more things on my sidebar.
So if you notice something is not working right, please let me know. But also tell me if your are finding it is loading faster. Thanks!!!

And, today it was back to school for the kids! It definetly was quieter around here!!!


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter 2008

Merry Christmas... oh wait... Happy Easter!!!

Looks a little more like Christmas around here this Easter... of course it is really early this year so that is understandable. The snow was actually melting but starting Friday it has been snowing on and off till today. Though it is funny because it is warm enough that some of it melts off the ground as soon as it hits it.
Our Easter started off on Thursday if you count that we were at mass Thursday, Friday and Saturday night as well as Sunday morning. But we really got into the spirit on Saturday.
We started off at church for the annual Knights Easter Egg Hunt. Due to the snow it was held indoors and that was just fine with me. The kids' age group was in the gym and the eggs were just spread all over the floor. Both Jeffrey and Samantha had an easy time this year getting eggs and ended up with 8 and 6 eggs. Jeffrey had a prize egg and got to pick out something, he choose silly straws. Samantha had a grand prize egg and picked out a giant elephant!!

After that we went into the main part of the church to check out Nick's progress on the baptismal fountain he was building for the Easter season. This is the second year he has made one and he definetly had an easier time this year. I think it turned out great.

Later that night we were back up at church for the Easter Vigil Mass. Our friends so graciously watched the kids during mass so I could sing in the choir and Nick could usher. I will say we sounded awesome as a choir - especially the ending Hallelujiah Chorus.
Today started out back at church for mass.. then back home to get ready for having Mom, Aaron and Katie over. Again it is bittersweet to be celebrating without Dad. The past couple years we have combined Easter and Passover and this year I just didn't feel like doing anything for Passover (of course it isn't for awhile so there wasn't much out anyways).
Aaron and Katie brought over their dog Aspen, and he got to spend some time with Max. Maggie also got a chance to say Hi.

Because we are so busy in the morning the Easter Bunny usually doesn't stop by till mid day or so. This year EB left the kids' gifts outside the door and played ding dong ditch... unfortunately the kids missed EB. But they did like their gifts - including Carter.

And then we had our Easter dinner - yum. Afterwards Uncle Aaron got to hang out with his youngest buddy Carter.

From my family to yours HAPPY EASTER

(and yes... Jeff and Sami both just got haircuts!)


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!

Today my parents would have celebrated their 29th Anniversary. I think it is bittersweet that while we were on our trip to Cancun someone decided to celebrate it then (it could have been the room service that came with the celebration). Little did we know that Dad wouldn't make it to that day.
I haven't talked to Mom today, she knew it was going to be a hard day. Because she had plans tonight we took her out Monday to dinner and I brought her roses. I know she really appreciated us not forgetting.
And adding to all this, we found out last week my Grandma (Mom's Mom) is pretty sick.. though we wont know how bad till tomorrow.
So Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad I know you are watching down on us.

Dad & Mom in Cancun

Dad & Mom with Aaron, Gage, Johnny, Carter, Carrie, Nick, Jeffrey, Me & Samantha (Kids, Grandkids and sons-in-law) in Cancun.


Monday, March 17, 2008

One year ago

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

My SS friend
Nancy has a post called "One Year Ago" where she talks about how one year ago on Friday, March 14 she found out about her daughter's diagnosis of Type 1 Diabeties. It got me thinking... see one year ago today we got some happy news.
Let me back up to the day before (Friday, March 16, 2007), I was starting to have some indications that things may not be what they seem. I wasn't feeling right and just had a sneaky suspicion.
So on Saturday, March 17, 2007 after spending time at the St. Pat's party at the American Legion I just knew I had to find out.
Yep... it was one year ago that we found out we were going to have a third child!!!
Gosh it has seemed like a lot has gone on this past year. We have had the birth of Carter, the death of my father, a trip to Mexico, Jeffrey starting kindergarten, Samantha starting preschool... I guess a lot has gone on.
So I raise a glass to my Halloween baby Carter


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hey there!

Hey blog... how are you?

I am doing ok...

It is almost Spring and we are starting to have 40 degree highs!!!

Spring Break is next week.

Carter turned 4 months and is 13 pounds 14 ounces and 24+ inches long (40% for both)... kind of wonder how he stacks up with Jeffrey and Samantha.. I will have to check that out. He is quite the smiler and can roll over from his tummy. Poor thing is congested again.

That is about it.