Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Absence of a Dream

Off and on I, like I am sure a lot of you, have read one or more of those self help books. Right now I have started "Unlimited" by Jillian Michaels. I thought since she fascinates me on "The Biggest Loser" I would give this book a whirl. And it has an online worksheet ( that you can answer questions after every chapter. Unfortunately I am thinking soon I am going to hit a roadblock. See in chapter 2 it starts talking about having specific dreams and visions for you life and the basics to visualizing it.
But what do you do if you don't have a specific dream? I mean yea, there are things I would like to do before I die ("bucket list") and there are dreams I have for my kids (but they are really not something I have an impact on, per se)... But I cannot think of a specific dream for myself. It is like when I try to sit and think about that my mind goes blank. Of course I have general dreams like living forever (well a very long time) and being financially comfortable, but really, don't we all?
*sigh* Even Nick seems to have some dreams, but those are his dreams... I need some of my own.
Has anyone ever felt like that? Any ideas on how to fix this?


Saturday, July 23, 2011

RIP Scooter

Last Tuesday (July 19, 2011) we lost one of our 4 legged pets. Scooter, the Chihuahua, was about 12 years old and probably died of old age or congestive heart failure or something.

Scooter initially was my father-in-law's dog, I remember when he got him when Nick and I were engaged. He officially moved in here in May of 2004 when Gar moved in with us. 2 years later we moved him upstairs when Gar died and he became a real member of the family (even if it was reluctantely by Nick). I really took care of him the last 5 years because I was really one of the only ones that he liked. Otherwise he was pretty anti-social and would hang out in his kennel a lot of the day.
Scooter's favorite thing was sitting and laying in the sun (he was a Chihuahua after all). He loved the occasional treat or fallen food scrap that Lucy wouldn't get to. He was a barker, would bark at almost anyone coming to our house (but me). The house is definetly quieter with him gone.
I had a feeling this day was coming soon. Earlier this year he started hacking a lot. Then about a week and a half ago on a Sunday he showed signs he wasn't doing well. He could hardly walk and would hardly eat. We ended up feeding him wet food to get him to eat something. He seemed to get better from that, but was still even skinnier then he use to be. I will say I was still surprised to open his kennel on Tuesday and for him to not come out.
He is now up in heaven with Gar, as well as our dogs, Mandi, Mollie and Maggie. I know he will be well loved up there.