Thursday, April 27, 2006

Hey all and a good afternoon.
First off, if you are looking for a fun game.. check out
Are you a Yankee or a Rebel. My co-worker told me about it. Guess I am 39% Dixie.. definetly a Yankee. No surprise since I have lived in MN my whole life.
Preschool Conferences went well. She said Jeffrey is a great kid. I finally got to ask the names of Jeffrey's two preschool girlfriends (he has 2 others as well) and hear about their relationships. Glad to hear he is doing good and with his Verbal Apraxia he is not sticking out like a sore thumb.
I told Nick last night about my fears in becoming a SAHM. Everyone reassures me that I will do good at it and like it... why don't I believe them? I will miss about 95% of my co-workers - 100% of the ones in my department - so that will be hard. I guess I am also worried about losing my identity.. that I will just be Mom. And don't get me wrong, I love being a Mom.. but I also love being many other things.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

H day!

Well it is the middle of the week.
We are going on a department lunch in a few minutes.  Yippee!
And I just added another blogroll... Christian Bloggers... I had to put the blogrolls at the bottom because some are getting quite long.   But I kept the Scrapshare one on top, because many of these ladies I have met IRL and because I started the blogroll.  So if you ever have time to surf.. check out one of these rolls... you definetly can get lost in them.

And Jeffrey has preschool conferences tonight.  Followed by Nick's last day for Faith Formation (he teaches 8th grade).

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


First off I have to say, yeah, I'm a Lowly Insect in the TTLB Ecosystem .
What TTLB, The Truth Laid Bear, is, is a site that tracks how many links your blog has on other TTLB sites. Kind of fun to watch me move up the ecosystem.. and it is a fun thing to add to your blog.
Thanks to all my fellow ScrapShare members who have taken to our blogroll... I am glad that people like the idea and are using it. To my other fellow SSers.. let me know if you want to be added.
I don't know if I gave a shoutout to my mood indicator up at the top left... I copied it from
Pamela's blog. And got it from
Our local TV station did a fun story about whether or not you can get fired for surfing the web. Here is the info if you want to waste sometime at your own work finding out about others that waste time at theirs. Video: Blog:
Bachmans was handing out free bouqets this morning in front of work. Little funky things that this downtown has to offer is one of the things I will miss when I leave.
I got a call today that I won a contest I entered on! Cool deal! I actually had gottne lax on checking out the freebie/contest website (though I don't think I found this one there) that it is cool to win something from someplace.
Otherwise, still trying to figure out what to do about being a SAHM.. I think that part is inevitable.. we just need to figure out where to get health insurance because I am the one with it. And to see if I should work part time someplace that offers it. I know of a couple places that do.


Monday, April 24, 2006


Well it looks like I will be getting a new title this summer.  That of Stay At Home Mom.  And I am so worried.  Because I think I will do a very bad job at it.  Two reasons in particular.  1.  I have a lack of energy problem, that we cannot figure out where it comes from.  And I am afraid that I wont have the energy to get stuff done and people will be frustrated with me.  2.  Lack of patience.  I have such a lack of patience with my kids sometimes.  I don't want them to hate me because of it.  Anyways, I have always said I will do what is best for my family, and this looks like the best thing.  So I will let you know when this becomes a reality.  And I am already seeking advice from my SS friends on how to be a good SAHM, so if you stumble on here and have some advice, please let me know.

Otherwise this weekend was ok.  Nick had meeting after meeting, so I did not see him much.  Friday night we were at our friend Ryan and Sarah's house where we played Phase 10 and I got drunk on wine.  Saturday morning Sarah and I and my kids went to the Kids Stuff sale and I got some deals and spent less then $30 (no clue how I got up for it, btw.)   Saturday night was the church/marriage thing - poor Nick, we went to another house that had cats and his allergies were really starting to get to him.  Then Sunday I did not do much.  Got to enjoy the 70 degree weather and even got a little sunburn on my arms.  And later on that afternoon I went through a bunch of the kids clothes and boxed up the too small stuff.

And now it is Monday.  And I am tired. 

Friday, April 21, 2006


After last night, Nick has realized that you can have too much salt!  Funny story... big Passover tradition is buttering an egg matza and then for some putting sugar on it and for others putting salt on it (Kind of like some do with Swedish Lefsa).. well for myself (and my Mother) we like to put sugar on it, so last night I was making one and Nick asked for one and I told him I would make him one after I ate mine.  So I did.  Except he likes his with salt on (like my Father).  Another thing about Nick, he does not like it when you skimp on things... for example, he likes when you use a lot of butter on toast.  So I thought that I should not skimp on the salt.  Well when you make it with sugar, you add a thick layer of sugar on it.. so when it looked rather skimpy on the salt, I figured I should add more... so I did.  Gave it to Nick... and he ate a couple bites.. and wowzer... I definitely put enough salt on there.  He didn't think he would be able to pee for days... and here I am, next to him on the couch rolling.. because I so didn't mean to do that!  I told him he didn't have to finish it, but he did.. and probably followed it up with a gallon of bear!!

At least he was a good sport about it... though I am still laughing so much I am almost crying!!
And on that note, TGIF!!  Kind of a busy weekend on tap.  The temp has gone down here in MN and it has been raining on and off, but it is suppose to be nicer Saturday and Sunday.  Hopefully we can enjoy it.

And one of my parents commented how this was so cute, so I figured I should share.  They were at our house last weekend and were asking Jeffrey when he would come over again and stay.  His response, "I am just too busy."

*smile* life can just be so cute sometimes.

Thursday, April 20, 2006


Working in an office with about 40-50 women on my floor you are bound to "meet up" with people in the bathroom. I always find it interesting that there are some you would consider a "pee buddy" because you always seem to go at the same time. And there are others that I never run into in the bathroom... hmmm...

Went to Target today. Their Easter stuff is 75% off starting today. Good deal! Picked the kids up something along with their diapers and wipes.

I added a new blogroll... one for my ScrapShare friends... so if you are on SS and want to be added let me know. I am testing stuff, so I will formally announce it on SS soon. I plan to take ones off of my manual blogroll when they ask, because then I can kind of see who updated theirs last.


Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Sometime all you need is a little "time" with your husband. Life gets in the way and you forget that you are even married, and then you remember you are, and remember each other and life seems perfect. I Love Nick. I Love that he is my husband. And I Love that I can deal with his ups and downs.


Sorry to get all sappy on you all... since this blog is about what I am thinking and feeling and doing.. I don't want to hold things back (as much as yes, I do have secrets and things I wont share).

This week is a normal busy week. One of us has something almost every night. And the kids are sure getting into the fighting stage where they don't want to share and think everything is theirs. Lovely. Funny, since my kids are 17 months apart and my brother and I are 21 months apart.. I knew what I was in for.

And if you have looked in my comments for my last post, a fellow Blogging Chick is getting out word that the National Hopeline Network - suicide hotline, needs some financial help.. you can check them out at I have known of others who could have used this service and now it is too late. Thanks.


Tuesday, April 18, 2006


In a way, growing up means you miss some freedoms.
Sometimes it makes me sad.
And yet, I really did not have a lot of freedom.
I turned 18, was already in college and got engaged shortly after.
This meant I did not have a lot of time to work, and the money I had went to dates with Nick and money for when we got married.

No traveling to exotic destinations for Spring Break.
No buying expensive shoes.
Then we got married and our money went into buying a house.
And then we had kids, which not only meant a loss of money but a definete loss of freedom in the sense that we could not pick up and go without two kids or finding a babysitter.

And not that I hate having a family.. and obligations.
Sometimes I just wish to have one day.. where I don't have to find the babysitter... where I can go where I want... where I could shop til I drop.

Of course right now I would be too tired to enjoy it anyway.


Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter 2006

I hope everyone had a good Easter. Ours was well. Started out going to church Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday morning.
On Saturday morning we had an Easter Egg hunt at our church. Can't say it was organized very well. There were three areas based on age and there was not enough eggs for everyone that came. So Jeffrey found one egg and Samantha did not find any. And once you found an egg you brought it back to see what you got. Jeffrey ended up with a bag of candy (yea, more candy - not!) and he shared with his sister, so she did not really know better.

Saturday was a gorgeous day, so we spent a lot of time outside.
Sunday we woke up to rain.. but amazingly it stopped while we were at church and also ended up being a beautiful day - though more windy and not as warm as Saturday.
Some pics of us:

Later on in the day my parents came over and the kids went on an Easter Egg Hunt. This time Samantha had a chance to find eggs.. and got about a 1/3 of them!

And then we got to dye Easter Eggs. Every year I had been planning on doing this but we would get so busy. This year I made sure to hard boil the eggs Saturday, so I knew we would have to do it on Sunday. The kids really enjoyed it, even if their mother was so worried that there would be quite the mess.

After we sat down to our first annual Non-Traditional Easter-Passover Dinner. Due to Dad not feeling well he couldn't do a Seddar so we encorporated parts of it into Dinner. If we do this again there is a lot of things we need to get. And nothing like eating traditional Passover foods like Charoset and Matzah and following it up with Ham (which Jews don't eat)! Ah well.. I said it was non-traditional.

I hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday!


Thursday, April 13, 2006

15 people

Ok.. I got this from Cowtown Stacy who got this from her daughter's blog.  Quite funny.. though this is definetly meant more for teens and people that know each other. 

Get ready for a good laugh.

"List the last fifteen people who have commented on your blog. If someone has commented twice, skip to the next new commenter."

1. Heidi
2. Roxanne
3. Beth (Blogging chicks)
4. Veronica
5. Michele (BC)
6. SupComTabz (BC)
7.  Pamela
8.  Martha
9. Dariana (Blog Mad)
10. Tabz (BM/Judysbook)
11. Donnann Tritten
12. Debbie/PPD
13. Erin S (Renter)
14. Zombie Flyboy
15. Tosin

Q: Have you ever kissed 4?
A: Nope

Q: What's the best memory you have of 10?:
A: Knowing that we hang out in some of the same cyber circles?

Q: When's the next time you're gonna see 6?:
A: Probably never

Q: What do you like about 8?:
A: She is great to talk to.  And a giving mother.

Q: Is number 5 pretty?:
A: No clue.

Q: What was your first impression of 7?:
A: Online, she is very friendly and says sorry too much ;) IRL, she was a lot quieter in person.

Q: How did you meet 3?:
A: Haven't

Q: Do you think 13 could kill someone?:
A: Well you never know.  Actually I really don't know her, so...

Q: Is 11 your best friend?:
A: No, but I get along great with her.

Q: Have you seen 15 naked?:
A: Ha... funny you should ask.  And the answer is no.. though we did share a room (almost was going to share a bed in fact!)

Q: Has number 9 seen you naked?:
A: Gosh I would hope not... don't know them.

Q: Do you think 2 has a crush on you?:
A: Crush?  No... more jealousy of my higher number on Judysbook :D

Q: What is the last thing you did with 14?:
A: Never.

Q: Have you ever been to 3's house?:
A: Nope

Q: Would you ever kiss 8?:
A: Can't say I would.

Q: How do you know 4?:
A: She is an online friend from Australia.. we have chatted a lot online and had the chance to meet each other last year!!

Q: Have you ever slept with 10?:
A: No

Q: Do you think 12 is sexy?:
A: No... but she is funny and a great storyteller.

Q: Where is the last place you went with 9?:
A: Nowhere.

Q: Are you real close to 1?:
A: Somewhat (less so since she has not been on SS since she has real work to do! :P).  We have talked a lot online and I also had a chance to meet her last year.

Q: Have you ever been to the movies with 11?
A: Nope.. though we have been to Wisconsin!

Q: Have you ever gotten in trouble with 2?:
A: When we worked together... yes... told I should talk to her less!!

Q: Would you ever make a move on 14?:
A: Ahh.. no.

Q: What do you and 4 talk about the most?:
A: Scrapbooking.  The differences between Australia and the US.

Q: How long have you known 15 and do you consider them a good friend?
A: I met her last summer.  And we have had the chance to talk a lot.. Good friend?  Kind of.


Tuesday, April 11, 2006

43 Things!

For those of you out there that I had a goals discussion with, this might be the site for you. (and its companion ) You can create your own account and list all the things you want to do (can be less then 43 and probably more then 43), and others can see. You can also see what others want to do and get inspiration. And a cool thing is that you can add a code to your blog (see my sidebar) so others can track all that you want to do.
(Note: Have another child is on my list - we are NOT working on that right now!)
Have fun!

On that note, too, I realize I need to do something about everything on my sidebar. My plan is for when I have time to modify this template or create a new one with 3 columns (2 small ones and the big one in the middle). I, of course, am not that creative, so I will really need to work on that, or find a simple one to use.


Skirt Weather!

It is skirt and sandal weather!

Yesterday had a high of 79 degrees and we are looking at being at least in the 60s all week! We may have some storms and stuff.. but right now it is sunny and gorgeous. This meant I can wear skirts and/or sandals to work. Normally I don't in the winter because waiting for the bus can be cold. But now it is perfect outside. And due to daylight savings time it is sunny so much longer after I get home from work. Gosh, if we would have our patio furniture out and clean we could have eaten dinner out there!! And this weekend Nick opened up/cleaned our pond and pondless waterfall!

It is funny, because I was so grumpy this weekend... nice weather really helps perk me up.


Friday, April 07, 2006


This is my friend Roxanne (with my 2 puppies):

Roxanne turned 30 on Wednesday.
Wednesday night her boyfriend, Josh, proposed to her and she said yes!

Congratulations to you both.. cannot wait for the wedding!

Now of course her sister beat me to the punch and posted on
her blog!! And now Rox has a reason to blog herself (*wink, wink*)!!!


Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Ouch! I am in pain. It started yesterday morning and I don't know how or why. I have this severe pain in my shoulder/neck/upper back on the left hand side. It sucks. So I ended up taking a stronger pain reliver last night and that helped me sleep (those always remind me how easy it would be to be a "pill popper"). Still in pain this morning.
Nick went down to Iowa to get my fil this morning. I think Jeffrey will be really surprised to come home and see Bapa! Too bad I wont be home to see his face!
Otherwise, time to think about lunch.

For all your Mother's Day flower needs, check out they have a monthly giveaway, and if you click to close out the window they come up with a $5 coupon.

I have always wanted to go geocaching.. and if I would I could check out the GPS locators here GPS Handheld. Let me know if you find anything this way!

For you Scrapbookers out there.. this looks like a good site for tables: Commercial Folding Tables. Maybe some day I can have a scrapbooking room for them.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

My Space!

So as you may know, I decided to take the plunge into My Space... I was trying to resist because I already have this blog and a couple others... but then I heard people talking that you can find old friends and classmates without having to spend money like I thought.. why not.. and I have found about 10 or so old friends/classmates. Very cool!
Now if you want to check out my My Space page, here is the address - and if I know you, we can be friends (awww.... :P)


Monday, April 03, 2006


Well Westonka Horticultural Days is over with and Nick's pond was a huge hit (cannot say the whole day was a success - oh well, it was the first time they did the event)! Now I hope people contact him who had talked to him!!
And being there I just stood by being the extremly proud wife!! I told everyone that MY husband made that!!! You should have seen the smile on my face!
And here are the pics, so you that missed it can see his handiwork

(Anyone local want a pond?? ;-) )

I told this to him last night.. and it will come off as being funny (though I hope you can ignore the TMI aspect of this).. but when I get proud of him like this, I just look at him and think, "Yep, and I sleep with that guy!"... he got a kick out of that!
He even had 6 people at his presentation on pavers.. and I couldn't believe people cared about pavers.
Now... my stuff did not go as well... that is ok... this was really his day!