Thursday, October 20, 2005


I went and got my Rx for my pills the sleeping dr gave me... I have decided to call them Speed!  I take them in the morning to keep me awake and give me energy.  I took my first 1/2 a pill today... we will see how that goes!

I am back at home!!  It is so, so great to be there.  Like I said, I really miss Nick when he is gone (better then me liking that he is not around), I enjoyed laying in my Select Comfort bed last night, and got to take a shower in my own shower w/ soft water.. and this morning I did not have to dress out of a suitcase.  Of course the house is now a mess of food and such, Nick unpacked, but I didn't.. and we have a stack of mail (mostly junk) and newspaper (which our neighbor thankfully picked up for us).

And today is Thursday... and I have some busy days ahead.  Plus I NEED to mail out Samantha's party invites.  I need to make a To Do list!



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