Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Roller Coaster

Well life has just been one roller coaster of emotions lately.  So far this fall the kids have been healthy (and so have Nick and I) so that is good.  Financially things are not going as good as they could, so that is bad.  Nick had one and will have another hunting trip, while I have my trip, so that is crazy.  I have been working on getting this sleep problem fixed but I still have a lack of energy so that is tiring.  My father in law lives with us, so that is annoying.  I am finally going to see a career counselor so that is motivating.

No wonder one day I am depressed and the other happy as a clam (actually that can change minute by minute).
One thing I love is being my kids' mom.  Almost since I went to work after having them, I have the privilege of coming home and seeing their excited faces.  Now, somedays they are more excited then others.  Last night was one of those excited times.  I was gone all evening and did not get home till almost 10pm (after leaving the house at 7:20am).. and the kids were, of course, still up (well not up, up... they were in their bedroom - just awake).  Well I went around the corner and saw them and got two of the biggest smiles and greatest hugs.  And I know that is something special that they reserve for the most special people in their lives (us and our parents).  Now they both can say they word "Love", I have been hearing it more and more - especially from Jeffrey.  The other day (after he got into our bed way too early in the morning), I asked Jeffrey why he was in bed with us.. and he said it was because he loves Daddy!!!  Aww... melt...

It is a shame that some people who so desperately want kids.. cannot have them.. and may miss out on this kind of Love... even though they have tons of love in their heart.

Well, on a happy note... two more days till Samantha's birthday and 5 more days till Halloween!!

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