Wednesday, October 19, 2005

H Day

H DAY - as in Home Day!!  As in, we all go home!!!  Wohoo.  Not that being at my parent's house has not been fun.. and my kids have enjoyed it... and they have spoiled us, but we (or maybe just I) miss our beds and Nick (and Jeffrey says his misses "Bapa" too).  It is funny, whomever said you cannot go home again is right.  I mean, I did move out for 3 months in college while I went to a college out of town (then I decide to transfer back up to the cities), but walking in my parent's house, where I spent the first 20 years of my life, I know it would be hard to stay there for too long.  My room is now my Dad's office.. my brother has even moved out and there is hardly anything in his room that we shared for the first 8 years of my (well his) life.  I always said that house was a great starter home and retirement home, but not so good in between (especially when there was 3 kids and 1 bathroom).. well they have survived the in between (not that Mom is retireing - but it is an empty nest).

Anyways.  Like I said.. we miss Nick/Daddy.  Absence does make the heart grow fonder!!  I Love Him so much!
And I have booked my ticket for PA... so next time Nick goes hunting, he will come back and I fly out the next day!!!  Wow, the panic attacks are already starting.  I have never been away from my kids for that long, I have never flown completely alone, and there is a layover, so that is 4 take offs and touch downs!!!


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