Sunday, October 16, 2005

Almost the work week

Well another weekend is almost over with... darn! At least I survived my weekend.
After going to bed way too late.. I got up early and got the kids ready and went to mass. Everyone said they did really good sitting with me in the choir loft - I sort of beg to differ... but hey what could I do?
Then I went home and made breakfast and then packed to go over to my parents house.
Got to my parents house and had two sleeping kids. We kept Samantha asleep but Jeffrey woke up when they came inside their house. Then my Grandma, Aunt and Cousin came over to see the kids. After we went to McDonalds.. the kids had their baths and then went to bed early (they were acting cranky, so....)
Now.... I am just playing around on my parents computer.
Tomorrow is my sleep follow up!
And about three more days till I see Nick!!

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