Monday, October 17, 2005


Well work is slower... life has been uneventful.. but I figured I had to post something.
Jeffrey tried out his underwear yesterday.  After trying every pair he settled on one.  He told us he had to go pee once and we made it... then he told us another time and he did dribble a little.. but overall.. not so bad.  Hopefully Grandma is working on that some more today.  And I decided to get Samantha some of her own, just in case she has any ideas.  Plus I bought her some PJs.  I realized that they don't make the two piece till they are in 2T.. and I would rather not get her footsie ones... so I settled on the 2T and we will have to see how they fit.

I miss Nick.  I hate it when he goes hunting.  *sigh*
That is it for now.

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