Thursday, October 13, 2005


Hanging out in the online community - and especially on message boards - you notice the new trend towards tickers and blinkies in signature lines. Sometimes it is one or two tickers - and that is ok - other times it is a bazillion blinkies - and those drive almost everyone nuts. On the one site I hang out at, I have been shying away from tickers (they don't like blinkies - I understand) for my signature because I want to be unique. Now, that does not mean I cannot put them on here!! So here you go.. a multitude of tickers...
Lilypie Baby Ticker
Lilypie Baby Ticker

I hope you have enjoyed.


Roxanne said...

Those are kinda cool. I have not seen them before. I need one for opening of this show! Although it is tomorrow, I need every bit of reminder I am almost done!

Mel said...

Good to hear it is almost opening night! You need to find an hour/minute/second ticker!