Saturday, October 15, 2005


Now I had a problem with the mail is my complaint:

On Saturday, October 15th I had gone to the park with my kids.  At that time someone was unloading some materials in front of my driveway and about 5 feet away from the mailbox.  While I was at the park, I noticed the mail truck go by and assumed my mail was delivered.  When I got home it was not there.  I called into the local office an hour later and found out that the mail lady was done for the day and asked about the policy.  I was told that if the mailperson feels the mailbox is blocked they don't have to deliver the mail, nor are they suppose to back up.  I am upset with this because the mail box was not blocked and I will be gone now for a couple days and was waiting for some mail.  Also, I don't understand why they can get out of the truck to deliver a package but cannot to deliver the mail.. and I do not think the response that they cannot do that for all 500 houses is a good enough argument because not all 500 houses have their boxes blocked.
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