Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Samantha's Birthday

Friday was Samantha's 2nd birthday and life has been so crazy that I have not posted about that... Halloween will follow in a separate post.
Friday was good. I took the day off and spent time with her.. then in the afternoon I took her and Jeffrey to their well visits. Jeffrey at (about) 31/2 yrs is 34 lbs (50%) and 37+ inches (I think - 30%). Samantha at 2 yrs is 24 lbs (25%) and 34 inches (I think - 50%). Otherwise they checked out good. The doctor could not see any problems! They did have their iron levels tested just due to the age of our house. Oh.. and Jeffrey had his vision/hearing checked and they looked good. After, we stopped at Toys 'R Us for a couple more bday toys... which completly wore me out.
Here is Samantha in her "birthday shirt"...basically each kid has a shirt (Jeffrey's is Daddy's and Samantha's is mine) that is an adult shirt.. and every year we take a pic of them on their birthday to watch them grow into it.

And then Saturday I think I cleaned... kind of a blur.
Sunday was the party. I made tortilla roll ups, beer bread, simply salsa, little wieners (Nick did those) and a cake.
Here is a pic of the cake.. I did a pudding poke cake and "split it up" and also a pic of Jeffrey waiting to eat it.

Like I said in a previous post... there was not many guests...just my parents and Nick's 2nd cousin (and her family) showed.. oh well...more food for us...
Here is Samantha and Grandpa (my Dad).. and another pic of her when we were opening gifts.

And of course it was Nick's party too... so they got sang to together. Here is them and also a pic of Samantha and I (that actually turned out well

So... I think she enjoyed it!! She looked like she had a lot of fun. Jeffrey loved the gifts and we had to keep reminding him that they were her gifts to get first crack at. I just cannot believe my little girl is two! And Nick appreciated that I tried to have a party for him!

And I think today she has her day care party.. so more fun!!

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Roxanne said...

Love that bow in her hair! Cute cute!