Monday, February 11, 2008

Out of sorrow, joy!

Life has been tough without Dad.. days just don't seem as happy. Yes, my three kids do help me to remember why we live, especially Carter (who is jibber jabbering in the next room right now!).
And out of our sorrow, we have found some good. My brother has had an undefined relationship with Katie for the past few years. Well he just defined it last night and they got engaged! Now I don't think he got down on one knee... he just doesn't seem like the type.. but he did get her a ring! And he has already called looking for the guest list from my wedding! As far as I know they are looking at April 2009!
Now we know that our Dad's death has caused him to really look at his life. We just wish he was here to share in this. Dad loved being a part of mine and my sister's wedding... he really enjoyed the role of father-of-the-bride. We will just have to honor him, and Katie's departed Dad, at the wedding.
Now I don't know if I have a pic of the two of them together but here is individual pics taken when they came and visited the hospital after Carter was born:

Congrats to them!!