Thursday, August 12, 2010

T. Y. Caribou

Thank You Caribou... for putting out a $2 any cold drink, any size, just for today, coupon. I didn't realize I needed a sugary (decaf) coffee this evening... but since I was out, I guess I did.

Ehh.. guess it is ok to treat myself once in awhile!!


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My fellow MOMS

Last night was MOMS night out... we went on someone's boat. It was the first MNO since Ella was born that I didn't take her with. And it was awesome!!
I will be honest, when I joined MOMS club just over 4 years ago I was very worried. I thought it would be filled with a bunch of rich Moms who got to be SAHMs because of that and had the attitude to go along with it. Instead I found many others like me who are SAHMs because they wouldn't take home much money after paying for day care and Mothers who scrape by because they want to raise their kids (disclaimer: I had the 2 oldest in day care and don't have anything against it). Oh sure... there are some whose husbands make a lot and live in nice houses, but you wouldn't be able to tell because they are the nicest ladies. I am on the board for the third time because I really believe in the group. And they have been there for me, from celebrating the births of my third and fourth child, to being a shoulder when I lost my father, and even have helped watch my kids.
It is no secret (on here) that I have been down in the dumps... but for 3 hours last night I didn't think about my problems and enjoyed my time!!! Thanks gals!


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

This is where I left my blog....

Hey... I knew I left my blog somewhere... I guess life has gotten even crazier. Since the last time I wrote I became the mom of a fourth child! Elizabeth was born on January 19, 2010! Of course I haven't posted it because I want to do a formal post with pictures and info... but that is for another day.
Life hasn't been easy lately. It is amazing how lonely one can feel in a house full of people (and pets) but is has. Maybe I need to write stuff out and get back to blogging. Maybe that can be my therapy.