Thursday, May 31, 2007

Kick, kick, kick

Yep, that is what I am feeling inside of me... the baby!!! Not very often, just a couple movements a day...but at this point, that is all you expect. I will be 17 weeks this weekend and even though this is #3, feeling kicking is awesome!!!
Otherwise, I am starting to feel a little better in some ways...but for over a week I have had a headache off and on.. and of course I cannot use the Advil I usually take. Thankfully I was Rxed something that helps a little more then just plain tylenol.

I hope everyone had a safe Memorial Day Weekend. We went up north to see my cousin graduate high school... this is my third (out of 8) cousin to graduate h.s. and I just cannot believe how much they are growing up. Of course this year is my 10 year class reunion... which I couldn't help thinking about. And I tell you, going to a grad in a small town with a class of 30+ is a whole lot different then mine with 200+ kids. I am so proud of this cousin.... he graduated with high honors and was listed at getting like 10 out of 50 or so scholarships!!!

Otherwise, June is tomorrow.. and it is unofficially officially Summer, YAY!! Definitely can feel it in the air. Summer is my favorite time of the year, so I hope to be enjoying it!!!


Monday, May 21, 2007

15 weeks!

Here is my first pregnancy pic (well of just me). Me at 15 weeks... can you see I already am showing a little bit??

And one with Samantha that Jeffrey took... so she isn't left out!!!


Happy #5 to Jeffrey!!

5 years ago today Nick and I became parents when Jeffrey came into this world at 8:24am. His arrival was easy... he was breech so we knew we were having a c-section. He just came about a week earlier then we had planned.
And today he is half a decade old!!! I cannot believe it. Like many parents, I really feel he is getting so smart. He already says he wants to be a landscaper like Daddy and can prove it when he is outside. And the stuff he says just blows me away.
Last years birthday didn't turn out so great, so this year we wanted it to be quite the happy day.
First stop was preschool, where Daddy made a special trip home so us and Samantha could bring him. Now Jeffrey has been asking for at least half the school year to bring cupcakes on his birthday and of course I couldn't say no. And he got to wear a birthday crown - I just know he loved the attention.

Then he went home and had a typical afternoon... enjoying the outdoors and digging in the dirt with Samantha. When Nick came home, we gave Jeff the choice of where to go and we went off to Dairy Queen for hot dogs and ice cream (ok.. maybe not what I would have picked, but.. it was his day).
And then a quick stop at a friends to drop off some leftover cupcakes and then home.
We have a tradition I heard about when Jeffrey was a baby. Take one of yours or Daddy's shirts and every year on their birthday, take a picture with them in it. Then you can watch them grow into it more and more.
So here is Jeffrey at 5 and Jeffrey with Daddy

Happy Birthday Son!!!


Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Baby's first picture

Yesterday I went to my second dr. appt for this baby. This was the first one with my ob/gyn (I trade off between him and my nurse practicioner). Nick couldn't come with, but the kids did. We got to hear the baby's heartbeat again. And then the dr. said he wanted an ultrasound to pin down my due date. Well I don't know a woman that would turn down an ultrasound! And as a bonus, the kids were going to see their new baby brother or sister. Unfortunately Nick wasn't, but I showed him the pictures last night.
So with out further ado, here is #3:

And what was cool was the dr was so nice, he gave each of the kids their own picture of their baby sibling. Oh.. and the edd is November 10th now.. just a day off from what the NP said at the last appointment.
Of course not to be outdone... here is me and the other kids today at Jeffrey's preschool for special person day:

Happy May!


Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Guess what? Guess what!


Yep... it is true! Jeffrey and Samantha are going to have a little sibling. Honestly this one was quite the surprise (The "leprachuan" told us on St. Pat's Day).. but it is still as exciting. Jeffrey (& Samantha somewhat) have been asking for a sibling (well twins if you ask Jeff) for a while now... needless to say they were very happy when we told them (after we heard the heartbeat).
So I am due November 11. Samantha was due the same time and came October 28.. so I know there is a good chance they could be birthday buddies.
And as I type I am in week 12.. and almost into the 2nd tri! YEA! This one has been harder on me.. I think I have been more nauseas because now that I am home I don't really think to eat as much as I should.
I will keep y'all posted on how it is going!!