Friday, September 15, 2006

Countdown.. I have been hit or miss on the Blog Challenges so I thought I would work on this one!! I actually started this a week ago.. but it was hard to get finished.

10 Things I Wanna Do Before I Die
1. See my Grandkids
2. Go to Europe
3. Buy the car of my dreams
4. Act in something (at least one more time)
5. Write a book
6. Sing a solo
7. Become less of a procrastinator
8. See some more peace in this world.
9. Be out of debt
10. Come to an understanding and peace with death

9 Places I Last Spent Money
1. Garage Sale
2. Costco
3. Restaurants (see below)
4. Parking meter
5. Build-A-Bear
6. Minnesotah store at MOA
7. Jubilee (grocery store)
8. Church Festival
9. Preschool payment

8 Sounds I Routinely Hear Around My House
1. Kids talking
2. Dogs barking
3. Kids crying
4. Waterfall running
5. Kids laughing
6. Cars/Trucks driving
7. Phone ringing
8. Bugs/birds chirping

7 Real Restaurants Where I Last Ate Out
1. Brits
2. Red Lobster
3. McDonalds
4. Dominoes
5. Speedway Grill
6. The Local
7. Water Street Inn

6 Things I've Recently Scratched Off My To-Do List
1. Cleaned some of the house
2. Paid some bills
3. Filled out and turned in Jeffrey's preschool forms
4. Read certain books
5. Became a stay at home Mom
6. Met more people

5 People I Don't Know but would Like to Hang Out With
1. The Gals from "The View"
2. Jennifer Aniston
3. Laura Childs (pen name)
4. Bill Clinton
5. Any of my favorite singers

4 Songs That Make Me Happy
1. "Insatiable" by Darren Hayes
2. "Boondocks" by Little Big Town
3. Anything by Rascal Flatts ("Fast Cars and Freedom", "Me and my Gang", "Life is a Highway")
4. "Hips Don't Lie" by Shakira

3 Things I Hate To Do
1. Dust
2. Drive long distance
3. Call people on the phone

2 Things I'm Really Good At
1. Computers
2. Bargain shopping

1 Bad Habit
1. Procrastination

Monday, September 11, 2006

Happy Birthday to me!

Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday to me
Happy Birthday to meeeee
Happy Birthday to me!

Today I turn 27!
What a day to party
And I am sick... the weather is unseasonably cold... and we cannot go out tonight because the MN Vikings are on.
Oh well... *sigh*