Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Complain, complain, complain...

Ok... really I am not a complainer... but sometimes I feel it is my downfall... lately, though, I have felt there is certain things I should complain about.  I complained to the bus company and got two free passes, I complained to the post office and got a form letter (bull$hit), and now I am going to take my complaining skills to Northwest Airlines... basically I thought I had till today to book a flight at a certain price because they have a sale till today - well I went to book it last night and it went up $80!!  So, I am going to give them my 2 cents.. and if I get nothing from it, I will book with another airline.  I would just rather fly NWA because they are local and I would not have a layover.. but with the price difference (ATA is about $8 more then the fare I was going to book at on NWA) it is worth it.

Plus, I am all crabby because my mouth still hurts, though I am taking less pain pills.. and Nick is gone till tomorrow... and I just want to sleep in my own bed.

On another note.. I had my sleep follow up.  The Dr. said I have excessive sleepiness.. there is a name for it, but all I can remember is the initials EDS.  He said it was not good that when I took my sleep test I could sleep for over 9 hours.  So we are going to try me on some medication to see if I can get more energy.  One of the side effects are nervousness...hmmm..

I saw my bro's new place yesterday.  He is finally moving out of Mom & Dad's house!!  His friend bought a house (which he says he may buy into) and him and another friend and her are going to live there.  It is about 5 min from my parents.. so I am sure he will be back for food and laundry.  Nice house... may need some updating.. and they need to fix up the basement for his other friend.  The kids sure had fun checking it out and rearranging the books he was organizing!


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