Sunday, October 09, 2005


Wow, second post on a weekend!! But I do have more pics, so it is a little easier to do it at home and I cannot email pics (as far as I know). So.. it is about my bedtime but I am still posting.
Like the title says.... if Fall was always like this, I would love it!! Today it got up close to 60!! No need for gloves or tons of layers.. so we took advantage of it.
After church we made our traditional big breakfast - today it was french toast. Then Nick got to go outside and clean out the ponds and re start them. Then Nick and I and the kids went to the park a couple blocks away with Mollie. Nick got to throw the dummy for Mollie so she could get ready to go hunting on Saturday

She did a good job bringing the dummy back to Nick

And the kids had a great time watching

Then we went over to the swings and slides and they got to play on both. Normally Nick doesn't get to go to the park, so he got to have fun swinging high like he used to.
Later, during Samantha's nap.. the NASCAR race was kind of boring and the Vikings had a Bye week (thank goodness - they need it) so Nick and Jeffrey went next door to learn how to make horseradish. I came over after I finished lunch. Then the neighbor and Nick decided to both dismantle their vegetable gardens, so we got more nice, outside time.
And the day was just gorgeous... the leaves are starting to turn, though you really cannot see it in this picture.

And then inside and back to the reality of making and cleaning up dinner (Nick made it, I cleaned it up).. and laundry.. and that it is back to work tomorrow!!
And a side darn tooth still hurts!! I have had to take so many advils I feel like a druggy... but I can so tell when I need one because it just aches like I had my wisdom teeth removed.. in fact it hurt less when I had them removed!

Well... I suppose I better go to bed... busy week this week...

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Roxanne said...

Molly is cute! I'm glad she had a fun day! :)