Monday, October 03, 2005

The Great American Blog

I know I will never write the Great American Novel... nor anything else with Great American in the title... so here it is The Great American Blog (entry)... and with it comes words of wisdom and whit about my boring weekend! (THUNK!)

Quick recap...
Friday night I stayed up late to scrapbook and have conversations about nothing with Nick... I went to bed at 2:30am knowing I would regret it in the morning...

which I did when Jeffrey was up at 7:45 or 8am.  After trying to get him to lay in bed for a little while, I proceeded to get up because he also went in and out of his room a couple times and woke up Samantha.  Then they had breakfast and baths and playtime (which usually involves spreading all their toys over the floor and then not picking them up).  Eventually my parents came by and after more playtime (which at this point turned to me stressing because they were outside getting dirty less then an hour or so after their baths), Samantha went down for her nap and Jeffrey, Mom and I (and Nick at the first place) went to look at a couple houses on the Parade of Homes tour.  Of course the nicest ones were the ones we will never be able to afford...but they sure were nice.  It would be nice to check out a couple more houses though I don't know if we will have the time.

Friday night I went to a Pure Romance party.  If you don't know what PR is, well it is an adult (ladies-only) party.. that sells lotions, crèmes and other sexual enhancements.  That was a new experience, though surprisingly not as awkward.  The consultant could say the (c-word/female sexual anatomy) like I say my name.  And I saw things I have never seen anywhere - even online.  There is even something that substitutes for the inner workings of a female - though I just cannot see most men wanting that when their hand works just as good.  (Can you tell, I am trying to keep this PG so I don't get an adult rating, nor to embarrass my parents if they check this out)

Sunday was church and then NASCAR/football.  Which means I did not get much done around the house... oh well.  Oh, I did go through some hand me downs..

Now back to the work week.  And I don't have any time off till Samantha's birthday so...
Oh... and I am still a Creative Memories Consultant...though most of the order was for stuff for me... I am just so frustrated with that.  I love Creative Memories.. it is the reason I scrapbook.. I am pretty much a CM purist (though I just bought some non-CM tools) and I cannot imagine not being a CMC..but yet it is so hard.. I don't have the personality to just talk to anyone about CM, I don't have the energy to chase down customers, and I don't have a lot of time to do what I need to do.  Yet I just cannot give up.  I have so much CM I could not just break away.  Uggh!!

Well that is my boring world and the Great American Blog. 

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