Monday, October 10, 2005

Mommy Blogs

There is a trend in blogging called "Mommy Blogs". Basically parents - though normally mothers - fill their blog with what little Timmy just learned to say or how many diapers little Susie went through today. I have to admit.. I am kind of guilty of doing this. Though because I am a Work Outside the Home (WOTH) mother vs a Stay at Home Mother (SAHM).. I have other adult things to draw from. Though it is kind of hard to talk about work related stuff since that self-imposed ban on talking about my work, so that if they ever found this they could not fire me for it!!! So, I guess I can pull from my commute experience...

And in the vein of that... here is one more picture of my babies (actually taken on Friday)!!!!

Anyways... the tooth still hurts... I have been living on advil. I should try to get back to the dentist or at least call but I am too busy this week to do so.

So, I did not think I would find this show entertaining, but I have been watching "My Name is Earl" on NBC.. and find it rather interesting. It is all about karma. Basically (as Earl says) "you do good things and good things happen to you; you do bad things and well.." Do you believe in karma? What happens when you try to always do good things and bad things still happen? I kind of feel that way about Nick. He has done ton of good things, but has the worst "luck"... so where is karma there? Though at least karma is a good excuse to get my fil to stop b****g when he watches NASCAR... I told Nick once that if you root for bad things to happen to a driver, bad things will happen to your driver (I guess a lot of Jeff Gordon fans are hoping the other guys crash - because his season has sucked!)

And one more question - especially for those that have surfed and found this blog... do you make money from you blog and how?



Sarah said...

When I have children one day, I have a feeling I'll turn my blog into a Mommy blog.

I post enough pictures of my dog as it is. I can't even imagine how I'm going to feel when I have kids.

Veronica in Aus said...

Cute pics of the kiddos :)

I added my pin to your map.

Aliecat said...

I was offered a job blogging for a start up mag, but I passed because it sounded fishy. I didn't really start this to make money, though, just to rant and meet new people.
Cute kids BTW!

Roxanne said...

Very cute picture, Mel! What little dumplings!