Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Memorial Day Weekend

Last weekend was Memorial Day Weekend.  Normally this means us hanging out at home the whole weekend and Nick working Saturday or Monday.  Well this year it was different.  My oldest cousin on my Mom's side graduate from high school, so we went up north to celebrate.  Drove up Saturday and went to the shortest graduation ceremony I have ever gone to - 45 min.  Then off to dinner and a tour of my Aunt and Uncle's land that they are going to eventually build a spectacular log home on.  Then back to the hotel.  We got to take Jeffrey and Samantha in their first big swimming pool, and they loved it.  We had a blast.  On Sunday we got up and went to church and then to my Aunt and Uncle's house for the party.. and then home (4 hours away).  And on the drive there and back I scrapbooked a total of 12 pages!  Monday we slept in (thank you Jeffrey) and then got up and just took our time.  Nick got the rest of the veggie garden planted, we got out the ball pit for the kids, they played in dirt and had a bath and then we did nothing.

All in all it was a fun weekend.
This means a shorter week for work!  Yahoo! 
I am also getting very annoyed with this sleep problem, so I am thinking I need it checked out.


Friday, May 27, 2005


I just cannot stop yawning... and it is so annoying.  I know I am tired, I am always tired.  But it gets to that point where I am tired of being tired.  I know I need to get into a sleep clinic, but the couple times I have gone to the drs I have had tests done, they have come back as normal, and I never get anywhere else.  So things just do not get done because I cannot find the energy to do them.  Blah! 

This weekend hopefully will be fun.  We are taking the kids up to Cook, MN to my cousin's graduation.  That means the first time they are getting to stay at a hotel and swim in a big pool (well Jeff did stay at a hotel but he was 4 mths old).  I hope the kids behave for the ride up and back.  I am hoping they will be entertained with the DVD player and possibly taking a nap.  I am going to try to scrapbook, otherwise I will have to read.

Lets just hope this weather gets better!!


Monday, May 23, 2005

Another Monday is almost over!

Well, It is Monday!  Yes, last Saturday my son turned 3... and he kept going around the house saying "Happy Birthday, Now" but in his cute kid voice.  His party was Sunday and it turned out great.  Wonderful weather, people showed up, the house was clean..... and Nick and I were exhausted at the end of the day.  But we all had fun.  I could tell Jeffrey was exhausted too when we put him to bed.  And of course Samantha enjoyed all the attention as she was passed from one person to the other.  Now if you are wondering what we did about the cake.. I made a simple recipe I found on kraftfoods.com and it was a construction/dirt cake.  Looked pretty good, if I do say so myself!  And we had just the right amount of the other food.  Nick got the base of the deck pretty much done, so that was nice. 

So, besides the fact that the house could use a vacuuming, it is realtively clean.  Too bad I cannot keep it that way.  I do not know how others do that.. keeping the house clean, bills paid, kids to bed on time, in bed themselves at a good time.  Maybe they take hits of crack throughout the day :-) 

Well, at least this season of TV shows are almost over and the summer is upon us.  Maybe now I will get stuff done.


Friday, May 20, 2005


So Cake is invading my thoughts.. yes the sweet, delicous cake. You see, with Jeffrey's birthday party on Sunday I have yet to make arrangements for a cake. And being the good mother who made a cake last October for Samantha's birthday, I think I should make it. Well some of the time I do. I have looked online and seen some nice recipes, but I really do not know if I have the time to get a cake made.. and I am no pastry chef. Plus, a lot of people can not make it, so why go to a lot of work for a couple people. So hubby suggests DQ cake.. so we may do that.. though that gets all melted really quickly.. uggh! I should have just bought a cake!

(And BTW... I have just - as of the last post - figured out how easy it is to post through my email - very cool!!)


Thursday, May 19, 2005

Busy/J turning 3!

Well I have not written in over a month - life has been busy.
I have been spending the past month and a half filling in for someone on maternity leave. This meant taking time away from my usually boring job to do something in a dept that is always busy. I am back to my normal position now. It was a lot of fun for this change of pace, but I was starting to get ansy for my regular position (probably because I knew she was coming back).. it is hard filling in for someone when you try to do most things the way they are while sitting at their desk. I was glad to get back to my own space in my dept (filled with the most goofy of people). That said, I did enjoy the position I was doing and would be open to that position in the future. Anyways, the past month and a half has been a blur and I need to get back to a lot of things I have put to the side in my personal and Creative Memories lives.

Otherwise, my "baby boy" turns 3 on Saturday. I cannot believe it was almost three years ago that my life changed so wonderfully! Jeffrey and Samantha are the biggest joys in my life. They are both really progressing with their talking. Jeffrey can say "sentances" and even kind of sing "Rock a Bye Baby"; Samantha can say about 8 words and even two words together. I am sure I will talk more on the big party and everything later.

Though I do have a lot to get done for his party on Sunday.
Also, in my CM life, it looks like I have my first recruit!! Yay for me!

Well back to work.