Friday, October 14, 2005

Hunting Widow!

I decide to split todays post in to two.  I wanted to first recap Jeffrey's field trip.  I hope you have enjoyed the pictures.

I am officially a hunting widow till Wednesday.  Nick (and Gar) and Mollie took off this morning for South Dakota.  And I decided because I want to be able to sing in the choir on Sunday, to not go over to my parents till Sunday vs Saturday.  These means a whole day of it just being me taking care of the kids.  Though I often find it is easier to take care of them when I already know it is going to be just me.  And maybe I will take the time to spoil them!!

Still avoiding the root canal.  Now I wouldn't want one till Nick gets back anyways.  I have been taking less pain meds and waiting longer to take them.  I still have this dang cyst on my eye, though it is also getting better.

And I find out the results of my sleep study on Monday!
Word of the Day (provided by  exacerbate
Definitions: (verb) to make worse or more severe.
Example: The roads in our town already have too much traffic; building a new shopping mall will exacerbate the problem.
Synonyms: aggravate, infuriate
I just stumbled upon this on yahoo.  Funny to think someone maybe would not know what exacerbate is.
Anyways.. I suppose I should get back to work.  Wish me a weekend filled with 2 perfect angel children... instead of the 2 devils they can be!!! (But I Love them anyway!)


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