Saturday, October 15, 2005

Another late night post

Well... it is late.. I should go to bed. And I will in a couple minutes. I need to get up for church tomorrow... which shall be interesting because I am bringing the kids up to the choir loft. I have a lot of faith they will do well.
My cell phone is on the outs. I cannot see either screen anymore.. and it is so frustrating!! I really hope they can transfer numbers or somehow make it so I can see my phone numbers. And I also rely on it for the time and to use as an alarm. I really hope it has been a year and a half since Nick changed the contract because otherwise we cannot get the discount... which is BS because I have had the phone for over a year and a half.
Otherwise, today was beautiful. The kids and I went to the park again. They just love it!! And then they were so tired Jeff even took a nap.
Tomorrow it is off to my parent's house for a couple days.

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