Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Lately I have just been floating along.. trying to keep my head above water... or maybe I have just been doing that my whole adult life.  Being an adult is hard, but I would not change it for the world!  I love having choices and I love that I can be married with kids and I love that I have no legal restrictions (well, I cannot run for President yet...).

My horoscope from my yahoo page:
        Daily Virgo Forecast
        Quickie: Minor setbacks won't slow you down -- pick yourself up and dust yourself off.
        Overview: It's never easy to let the world know you're not happy with the way it's treating you, but when the representatives of that treatment are     people you don't care much for, it's easier. Take them apart, verb by verb.

I am kind of iffy on horoscopes... they are fun to read at times, but I definitely do not let them run my life.
So we almost thought we were going to need a new dryer (long story), but it turns out Nick may be able to run a gas line.

And did I tell you.. I think I figured out the kid's costumes... if I can find them I think Jeffrey should be a frog and Samantha should be a ladybug!!  I told Nick he will have to be an animal then.. or a plant!  No clue if I will dress up!  Does that not sound cute??

Less then a month to go till my baby girl is 2!!  Wow.. she is such a little peanut!
That would be that.  (Anyone else think this post is schizo?)

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