Sunday, April 03, 2005

What a nice weekend!!

Yea... the first "perfect" weekend of the Spring.. highs today were about 65-66!! I spent so much time outside.. and got to have Jeffrey and Samantha outside as well. And Nick got to help his cabin fever and spent almost all of the daylight hours outside. He is re-doing our pond and hopes to have it up next weekend. Of course this meant I did not get anything done this weekend... though I did clean the bathroom and do the laundry... I am just in that avoidance stage of things I really need to you.. of course I was so tired this weekend between the fresh air, staying up late to scrapbook on Friday and daylight savings time early Sunday.
Oh well... tomorrow is my first day in my (temp) position!!! Good Luck to me.. I hope I do not screw anything up.
So my eye is pulsing... ack!

Yesterday we lost the only pope I ever knew. Pope John Paul II. People call him extrodinary... I belive that.. but since I have only been a Catholic for about 7 years, it is hard for me to relate. Like I just heard on the news, "it is a deeply historical moment"... this is true.. this is an amazing piece of history for the next couple weeks. First we will see his funeral and then all the Cardinals get together and vote on the new Pope (Conclave).. They say an American will not get it.. I hope that someday that will not be true.. Sometimes I feel like American Catholics are the younger brothers of others.


Friday, April 01, 2005

April Fools Day!

Well so far, so good on the fools part. I guess they did something to a guy at work but he will not know till he gets back from his meeting. Just a harmless prank.

Otherwise... the kids' eyes are getting better, though they now have colds.

And it is Friday!! Wohoo!

Not much more to say at the moment... maybe I will have more later.