Monday, September 19, 2005

Weekends Over/Clean

Well, can you believe it, I did not write at all this weekend!  I guess this means I can give y'all a long recap right now (eta: ok, I guess it did not turn out to be as long as I thought it could be).

Friday night Nick and I actually sat down and watched a movie, "The Incredibles".  Pretty good movie, though I was bummed because I remember we had recorded "Friday Night Lights" and I forgot about it, though I really want to see it.

Saturday Nick worked, so the first half of the day was spent playing with the kids.  Then Saturday night I went to Andrea's house and scrapbooked.  I actually did 11 pages!  So I felt really good.  Especially since I have not scrapped in at least a couple months.  Though, that meant I was at her house till 1am - eek!

Sunday was the first day of choir.  I did ok - I hit the notes in the offeratory song all by myself.. but afterwards my voice was shot and I could hardly sing the rest of the songs (due to the cold I still have).  Nick and the kids sat close to the choir loft so they could see me and kept waving.  And I guess Jeffrey turned to a lady behind them and said, "my mommy's up there."  Also, some of the other members were saying how much they have grown - which is great to hear, because I hardly notice.

Afterwards we cleaned the house!!  We can actually see our dining room table, our bathroom is sparkling and even our refridgerator/freezer is sparkling and cleaned out!!  And to reward myself I watched the Emmys.

Now it is Monday morning and I am worn out.  My cold was doing ok.. but today I kind of don't think so.  Oh well, right?

Well, I got to do some work now... Maybe I will right more later, maybe not.

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