Tuesday, September 13, 2005


First I have to say I am grateful for my neighbors who gave me a ride to work today.  I was at the bus stop early, so I have no clue where the bus was (I have to call about it) and they noticed I was there and asked me if I missed it and gave me a ride.  I was even more grateful when I saw the traffic on 394 today.

In my hustle and bustle of trying to leave the house today, I have a cute kid story.  When Nick went to get Samantha's shoes and I went to get my shoes out of the closet, Jeffrey was with and took his own shoes and backpack out and wanted to leave for preschool.  We had to tell him he had to wait about another hour.  But I am glad to see he was excited.  And I dropped Samantha off at day care and the dc lady said she has never seen a kid just meld right into the group of kids.  Already Jeffrey's "girlfriend" there is calling Samantha her friend.  I am glad.  Such a proud momma.

Back to the old diet today.  I ate so much crap yesterday I actually felt it - blah!  And hopefully Laura and I will have the time to walk.

Hey, so keeping with my kindness theme, my friend Roxanne told me about this.  There is an animal shelter here in MN, <http://www.animalarkshelter.org/>

 and they are going to go down to New Orleans and take in some of the animals that need adoption... well, they need room in their shelter, so they are trying to get people to adopt the animals they already have.  And I guess they are a no kill shelter, so if you are looking to adopt, there ya go. 


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