Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Ok... so you may know.  I love to take pictures.  I am a scrapbooker (Creative Memories style) and therefore I need something to scrap.  It just so happens I have 2 beautiful kids to take a lot of pictures of (well and Nick is pretty hot though I don't see him as much as I see my kids).  For our 5 year anniversary I got a new Canon A95 digital camera, so this means I can take even more pictures because I can delete some!!!  (though you know, with a digital, you rarely delete pictures unless it is of the floor or something).  And now, since Nick and I both have our own camera, I carry mine around most places I go.  But, I feel akward just pulling it out all the time.  Like yesterday, taking the bus into work I looked at the downtown skyline and the clouds were low and the sun was shining, and I would have loved to take a picture of it, but with the window glass hindering a good picture and me not wanting looks from the other passengers, I did not get the picture.  So I wonder, besides the times when it is rude to take pics (like in church, or at confidential things) is it ever akward to take a pic? 

This does remind me, I really should play with my camera more.. and I need to send some pics in to be printed.
Otherwise today is like any normal day.  Still tired from my cold.  The season premiere of "Las Vegas" was on last night, so I watched that - it is a great show!  Today I have to muster up the energy to go to Target for diapers, an Anniversary Card for my Sister and to drop off my last roll of film from the film camera.

I do have one public service announcement... if you are going to get on a bus, make sure you stop smoking at least 5 minutes before you get on.  A lady sat behind me today on the bus that smelled of smoke and perfume and I about choked.  I had to cover my mouth with a jacket the rest of the trip.



Roxanne said...

I hate the smell of smoke and perfume! That is the worst ever, I agree. I'd rather someone just smell of smoke, than trying to cover it up with perfume. PEWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

Mel said...

Yea... though I don't think she was trying to cover up the smell.. it just happened that way!
Either way - ewww!!

(Btw...glad to see you are not posting anon anymore!!!)

Christie said...

congrats on the new camera!

Veronica in Aus said...

Hey Mel - just had to comment on the taking photos thing.
I often feel awkward whipping out my camera too :) Sometimes I just take the pic anyway (who cares what anyone thinks - right?) Other times I don't ;)
I think I need to embrace the "who cares what anyone thinks" philosophy more often ;)

Mel said...

Yea V... I wish I could not care that much - especially when I am around people I know. The funniest thing was how self concious I felt when I was taking pics at Jeffrey's preschool, but I did turn the flash off so it was not as noticable.