Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Some observations about me or just by me:
*I LOVE the internet.  I would not say I am addicted to it... because I wont get the shakes if I am away from it... though Nick would say I am addicted.

*I love it when Nick makes dinner.  Especially when it is ready when I get home from work.  Last night I had to make it (no big deal) and I just felt less relaxed at the end of the night.  Now it is crazy to think that Nick should make all the meals, so I am not saying I need that to happen.

*I kind of like some commercials.  Of course, this may be partly because the only reason I have a job is because of commercials.. but there are also some commercials I enjoy (the Weight Watchers Cher commercial gives me goose bumps)... and it also gives me time to get up and do something else.

*I HATE winter.  Yes I have lived in MN my whole life.  I still hate it.  The biggest thing is how cold it gets here.. and I hate to bundle up.  I would rather have as little clothes on as possible then look like a snowman!

*My kids already know how to fight.  Conversely... they also can enjoy each other and have fun together.  And I think, for them, it was good that I had them so close together.

*I do have great friends.
*My husband is sexy (sorry for those that did not want to hear that).  And we make a good looking couple. 
*I don't really know what I want to do with my life (surprise, surprise).  I mean my job is ok... it is really easy.. and I have great co-workers.  But I truly hope I don't grow old at the same desk I am at.  I also don't think I could make a good stay at home mom.  So something in between would be nice.

*I am very grateful for the Intro to Typing class I took as an independent study at college.  Though it actually did not count for credits at the real college I went to.. it has helped immensly in so many aspects of my work and other things computer related.  Also, I really appreciate my Journalism classes because I really think they made me a better writer - though not good enough to actually work in Journalism.

*I feel I write better posts when I can sit and write out all my thoughts at once.  I kind of get in a mode and words seem to flow.

*I would love to write something and get paid for it someday... novel.. article... whatever.
*I also hope that I can atleast be in one more play in my lifetime.  I did a bunch when I was a kid.. but with kids, a husband and a full time job, there is no time.  Maybe somewhere down the line there will be.

*My favorite color is purple.  I like it because, to me, it seems unique.  Later on I found out that it is the color associated with royalty... coincidence?

Well that is enough for now... remember, I can always post more later!! 

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