Thursday, September 15, 2005


Ok... so this is not a question about a party, as in, streamers and balloons or drinks and pizza.  I was wondering... are blogs inheritly one political party?  I mean, are most bloggers Democrats or Republicans?  I say this because I have been surfing through blogexplosion (found that through my advertisement on the left hand side there) and I find most political leaning blogs to have a pro-Democrat leaning.  Now me, being the proud, card-carrying member of the Democratic party, I am not complaining.  I loved reading the blog from someone who thinks we would be more better off if Gore had won the electoral vote.  And I also enjoyed the one that someone talked about impeaching Bush (though I agree, that would be a hard thing to do).  So what do you think?  And for the sake of those that do not like politics or just too much talking about them (Hey Rox!) I will leave it at that.

So, I still am sick.  And I need to get better.  I have something Saturday night.  I sing at mass on Sunday (and will be one of the only 2 sopranos) and I have that sleep study.  I ended up taking a (generic) NyQuil last night and slept hard.  And right now I am drinking tea and so hopefully I will get better ASAP.

Did you know that more then one person can post to a blog?  That many groups use them?  Hmmm...

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mulligan said...

I hope you feel better soon.

There are a lot of political blogs out there but I wouldn't say that most are left/Dem. I've found just as many that are right/Repub. Since I lean left myself, I tend to favor the Dem blogs.