Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I am sick!

I have a cold!  Blah!  I have had a sore throat for a couple days, but today I am really feeling it.  Mostly in the eyes and some in the nose.  I am pretty sure Jeffrey gave it to me because he has been coughing.  I really don't want to be sick now.  I have my first choir practice tonight.  Then next week I have the sleep study and cannot be sick for that.  I guess I will be drinking a lot of fluids and soup and getting rest and taking my Vitamin C.

Just wanted to let you know Metro Transit Bus Company SUCKS!  We had to chase after the bus today in Nick's truck - thankfully he went to the bus stop with me.

Though I have an observation.  There are two places in life that I never thought I would form a relationship.  Online and On the Bus.  I have talked about ScrapShare here and I don't think I have said how many friends I have made on it.  I know details about people's lives that they may not even share IRL (in real life).. and they know details of mine.  And I feel I can go anyway in the US and find an SS buddy to see.  Because of this, I am trying to go to PA to scrapbook w/ 40+ of my closest online friends - though not everyone will be there - darn.  And now Nick has said it is ok, if I earn the money through selling CM stuff.

Also, I may not have a friendship, but you really get to know some people on the bus.  I am always one of the first people on, so I really get to talk with the ones that get on right after (or before) me.  One's daughter babysat the kids, another one I have shared recipes with, and I am sad to say, we will be loosing another one when she moves across the city next month.  They really like it when I bring Samantha on the bus (& the rare day Jeffrey is on) because she is so good.. and she really gets to know the people and say Hi and Bye to them.  Too bad they changed bus drivers the beginning of the week, we had a great one (and I would not have had to chase after the bus with him).

Well, not much more to say at the moment.  Maybe I will have more later.

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Anonymous said...

Good for you, Mel, on getting to go on the trip! Sell, sell!