Thursday, September 08, 2005

P & D Day!!!

Today is the day.... Jeffrey's first day of Preschool and Samantha's first day of Day care. We went to Jeffrey's classroom visit yesterday and he looked like he was having fun and when we came home he had to put his backpack back on and so did here they are...

Here is Jeff and I in front of where his preschool is

And here is Jeff with his snack bear he made

And check out the black eye.... he got it at day care yesterday when he fell into a magazine rack. I guess he did not cry!

So, so far, so good. Nick dropped Samantha off at daycare and she went in and played with the toys... and he dropped off Jeffrey at the preschool place early so he could go to speech and was all excited before they even left the house. He kept hoping it was time to put his shoes on. I will find out how he did in a little bit when Nick gives me a call!!
And I will keep you posted!


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Anonymous said...

Poor Jeffrey with his black eye..:(