Friday, September 16, 2005

Metro Transit.

Where else can I air my complaints about anything but here?  I actually sent these two complaints to the bus company this week.

Sent: September 14
On both September 13 & 14 I was waiting for the 677 in Mound on Three Points Blvd & Heron.  I was at the stop at 7:24am... though I can see the stop as I walk to it.  And I never saw a bus.  I do not know if it was really early, got confused by the detour or even made it all the way down my street.  But I am very upset that I had this problem.  If it were not for a good samaritan on Tuesday that lives in my neighborhood and gave me a ride, I would have had to sit in a ton of traffic (after going back home for my car) and been late to work.  And this morning (Wednesday) I had my husband drive down to make sure I got on... we ended up having to chase the bus down and eventually I got on at County Road 15 and Interlachen. 

I know this is the first week of a new driver but if we had our old driver this never would have happened.  Jerry always made sure to look out for us and knew where I was coming from. 

I need someone to call or email me and let me know what the deal is.  I do not think I have to be at the stop 10 minutes early - especially since I do not know if it was ever there.

Sent: September 16
I already complained about this for September 13 & 14... but I have to add to my complaint. This is for September 15 & 16. I arrived at my bus stop early again (at about 7:22 or 7:23am) and I could hear the bus and noticed that it already passed my stop at Three Points Blvd & Heron and was laying over at Jennings Rd and Gull Lane. Now anytime I have seen a bus layover in my area it has been at Three Points Blvd and Gull Lane and it has been before it comes to pick me up. So Thursday my husband drove me to where the bus driver was laying over (which was in the middle of construction, so I am sure the bus was in the way) and when I got on I asked if he was early and he shruged it off. The next person to get on at Three Points Blvd & Eagle also asked if he was early and he mentioned he likes to layover in Mound. I was curious if I was right as to when the bus is suppose to be at my stop, so last nig ht I went on this website and found that it should be at Three Points Blvd and Heron at 7:28am. So today (September 16) I noticed again that the bus was down at Jennings Rd and Gull Lane. There also happened to be two others at my stop... so we all walked down to Three Points Blvd and Gull Lane and got on after he was done laying over. I proceeded to mention to the bus driver that he is suppose to layover at Three Points and Gull and is supposed to be at my stop at 7:28 and even tried to show him what I printed off of this site. He shrugged it off and said to talk to you. I really feel this was a blatant disregard of his customer (me) and will not tolerate this being messed up every day.

The two other riders this morning told me that do not even have a car, so they would have not been able to get downtown, if it weren't for my observations.

Again, I expect a response from this and the previous complaint.
Thank you.

Interjecting for the blog: Can you tell I am mad?  I probably will call today too.  I just wanted something in writing.  I am so mad at this right now... I really don't want this driver on my route.

I'll write more later


Pamela Lynn said...

Sorry Melissa... the guy is just a turkey butt...

Anonymous said...

Two hopefully constructive things, Melissa (better late than never, I just found this blog-LOL)

1.-CALL Customer Service @ 612-349-7415. Explain the problem. Ask them what they intend to do about it. Put them on the spot. This can be much more effective than emailing. Don't hesitate, that's what they are there for, their entire EXISTENCE is for situations such as these.

2.- Be sure and get the Operator's Badge number to give your claim even more weight. It is the "T" patch located on the right shoulder (facing the customer) on each and every outer garment that is approved to be worn on duty. If he or she has it covered up you can ask for it. There is a directive out warning of serious disciplinary action towards any operator that refuses to provide their number. Without the number (if you feel intimidated and the guy is a complete jerk) get at least the bus number, route, location, and time. This can be tracked easily to find out who was violating company policy.

On behalf of MTC I want to apologize for this nitwit's insensitivity. He makes all of us (operators) look bad.