Monday, September 26, 2005

Last week of September

Can you believe this is the last week of September?  And for that the 4th quarter of the year is upon us?  Wow, time really does fly.

This weekend was more of a relaxing weekend.  I went w/ two of my online Scrapshare buddies to a scrapbooking store in Bloomington (Hey Jenny and Stacie!) Friday night, that was a lot of fun.. and kind of spontaneous because I did not even plan to go, but I was glad I did.  Saturday I cleaned up most of our bedroom and  my closet so it looks really nice in there - now Nick wants to keep our bedroom and dining room table always so clean, I do too... we will both have to work at it.  And Sunday I did not do much of anything because most of the house is clean.  I do need to take some times now and go through the kids toys and box some up, as well as sort through their clothes again and see how much warm clothes we have.  Hopefully Samantha can fit into some of Jeffrey's old pants, and hopefully in the piles of hand me downs we have there are some pants for Jeffrey (as well as shirts).  Thankfully people are very good about giving us their used clothes and for that we are grateful.

This week is more of the usual stuff.  Choir practice Wednesday and that is about it.  As well as a Creative Memories workshop at my house Friday (if anyone comes).  It will be a little stressful.  I have a week to place my Creative Memories order or be deactivated.. so I need to russell (sp?) up some orders (anyone, anyone?)  I do not want to deactivate, so...

Good news for Nick's biz.  He got a big landscaping job!!!  Guess it may take him all of October, but it is a nice chunk of change.  I just pray nothing happens to mess things up.  Because usually something happens that makes the job take longer or for him to lose money.  He deserves a "perfect project".

That is about it... nothing too interesting... but I would hate to make things up - just for my blog!

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