Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Blog Surf

Do you blog surf?  Do you like to check out others blogs?  I have to admit, I do... lately I have been either surfing directly through this site for random blogs or through blog explosion.. and it is a lot of fun.  I also would love if more of my friend blogged so I could add them to that "blogroll" section on the left hand side... so if you know me and want to add your site let me know.

Remember my post called "perfect" how I would love to come home and eat dinner right away so the night does not feel so crazy?  Well a funny thing happened... lately when I come home from work Nick has already started (and sometimes even finished) making dinner!  It is so nice to just eat right away then clean it up.  We have been done w/ the whole dinner process by 7, 7:30 and have not known what to do with ourselves!  Last night Jeffrey fell asleep eating so it was just the three of us.. and of course Samantha was just being her cute self!  Though I was a little bummed I did not get to spend any time with Jeffrey because he had been watching TV when I got home.  (BTW... I think we are turning him into a couch potato... actually I blame "Bapa" because he introduced him to the Dukes of Hazzard and Tom & Jerry).

Well I started out strong on this entry but then got distracted.  A long story about Jeffrey getting picked up late from preschool that I wont go in to.... otherwise nothing real interesting to report!!!


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