Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Weekend incident - part 2

Sunday rolls around. I do the early shift at the craft fair. I come home to get ready for Alpha at church. Walk in the door, Nick is cleaning the bathroom! Really working at it too (I normally clean it but don't always use a lot of elbow grease). So I sit and rest for a little while.. till he needs me to hand him the toilet brush... ok... since I am up I start changing the kids diapers when he beckons me and I hear a gagging noise.. well I knew something was wrong...then all of a sudden I felt like the house smelled really strongly of bleach. Well, Nick decided to mix toilet bowl cleaner with bleach and also got some of it in his throat. So I called poison control and they said it is just more of an irritant.. let him get fresh air and water and he will eventually feel better. So I am running around opening up windows when he says, "the kids shouldn't be in here..get their shoes and I will bring them into the (heated, not connected) garage." Ok, I do that. Then he says, "maybe you should get out too." Ok.. but I have to get our dog and my fil and his dog first. So we go hang out in the garage for a little bit but we were getting hungry - since we had to miss our church thing and that includes dinner - and so Nick went over to our wonderful neighbors house and she said she had extra food and a warm place for us to be. So we hung out there for 4-5 hours. We ended up back home after 10 and the house still smelled, but not as bad. We did try to stay out of that bathroom (went meant no shower Sunday night), but all seems to be well now.
Needless to say, I feel I had the weekend from hell!

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Roxanne said...

Woaahhhh! That sucks too! I'm glad you all are alright! Your neighbor is awesome to take you in. I hope your bathroom appreciates being so clean!