Thursday, March 09, 2006

Not Me

I am not the person I want to be in some respects. Mostly when it comes to things related to jobs. I am not assertive, not convincing, too wishy-washy... In my FT job, this translates to me being upset at times and b****ing to everyone but who I should be. In CM, this has caused me to want to be a leader but not take the steps to do so. In reality, I know I am so much smart then "where I am at" (figuratively and physically).. this has also led me to be quite upset with myself at times. I cannot imagine what kind of mess I would be if it was not for my wonderful family (dh, kids, parents) and friends.

So, I want to change this... in a way I feel I need someone to sit me down and give me a "boot camp" on this or maybe tell me a 12 step program or some book to read or something...

Now, my ? is... is there something like this out there? Or is it just something in me that I cannot seem to "get out into the open"? Can I break through this lack of motivation to be successful?

Any opinions?


Katina Mooneyham said...

I know how you feel. I am sometimes overwhelmed by lack of motivation (for lack of a better phrase). I think my family helps me through too. Especially my husband who is my biggest creativity booster.

I am not sure about the 12 step program. But I do know that when I get unmotivated in what I am doing (I am a freelance creative writer) I usually have to step outside my comfort zone a little. Take an art class or start an exercising program or even write something in a different genre.

I also know that if I don't motivate myself, give myself incentives (or punishments) that I usually won't get the point.

My husband always tells me Stop it or I'll...(it's usually blank because it's a joke really, it's based on a sketch that was done by someone. They were a therapist that had a patient who was afraid of being buried alive. The therapist then said they had two words for them for advice and that was "stop it" The patient said something like they wanted more words than that. So the therapist said "stop it or I'll bury you alive." It was quite funny and I forget all the details. But that was the idea behind it). Sometimes we just have to stop the problem and just get on with it maybe. Just my humble opinion.

~D~ said...

Hey honey, when you find the super motivational boot camp that isn't cheesey let me know, I am so there! In the mean time for CM there is a good book called build it big, written by the direct selling women's alliance.. there is a whole chapter about developing leadership skills :O) maybe it will help inspire you...

oh hey can ya add me to your blog roll??? lol

hugs honey

~D~ said...

never mind addign me i must be blind cause i am right by diane lol... oh man

Veronica in Aus said...

There's a book that was recommended to me ages ago - I think the title is:

"I could do anything if only I knew what it was"

I have the book and I did start to read it...but have to be dedicated to change. And I guess I am not.

I would probably fair better in a seminar situation - where you are held accountable. But maybe you should try the book first and see if it helps you.

To me - it sounds like you already know what your problems's just a matter of being dedicated to make a change, you know?