Friday, March 10, 2006

It is Friday, March 10...

You know I am being lazy and/or tired when I don't even want to do something on the computer... whether it be email someone back, update my blog with more then text or download/upload pictures. But that is just the way I feel today at this moment. I think some of it is because of this cold and flu season. I have had a couple co-workers out for a couple days at various points of the week, and right now I feel like my body is fighting something. Kind of feels like a cold - which I would prefer over any form of the flu - but still, I have been getting so many colds lately from either work or the kids, that is gets annoying.

Thanks to all for responding to my last post (well except the one troll who has been delorted - deleted to those that have ever seen StrongBad at I need to really process the suggestions and think about who I want to be and what I want to do.

At least this is the weekend, and I hope it is a heck of a lot better then last weekend. We have some plans, but I really think I am going to not do much this weekend. Though I HAVE to get all my Creative Memories information together for taxes. I would hate it if I held up the process.

Last night I had planned to take Jeffrey to get his hair cut - I just could not stand to look at his cut job - and then see if I could get one too. So I took him to choir practice which ended at 8pm. Well I had looked up Great Clips online and they said their store hours were till 9, perfect since it is not too far from the church (or my home). I got there and the door was locked but there were people inside, so I looked at the door and they said they closed at 8.. but of course they just avoided looking at me when I walked up to the store. Well Jeffrey started to get upset because he was looking forward to this. So I said, s***w them.. we will go check out City Looks across the street. Well, it just so happens that they were open till 9 and had some stylists available. So we both got our hair cut. For him it is very short and cute (though would have looked a little worse if another stylist did not step in to assist).. and I just got a trim because I have been liking my long hair lately. Now of course it probably cost us twice as much.. I don't care. I wanted to stick it to Great Clips and do plan to complain.

Of course it does not help that much of my town closes down early.
So I shall take some pics this weekend of us. He did seem to have a lot of fun and was wondering who would win in getting their hair done! He did - till the one stepped in to help - so then I won!

Have a good TGIF all and a good weekend!


agent713 said...

StrongBad? Homestarrunner? Weird! My friend was just telling me about this today. Didn't make an ounce of sense though :P

Mel said...

Yea.. my co-workers are more into it. Some used to watch it all the time... it is kind of funny though. I think the site is