Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I am not avoiding...

I am not avoiding this blog... I just find the longer it has been since I post, the harder it is for me to do so. 
Had a blast this weekend scrapping with some of my SS friends.  I did 26 pages and most of them are pretty darn cute!!
I placed my CM order today so I can still be a CMC...
This week is hectic.  Nick is part of the committee planning the First Annual Westonka Horticultural Days at our church this Saturday.  Both him and I will be making presentations and having vendor booths.  This will be huge for him.. he is even making a big garden display, complete with water pond and lighting in the middle of the gym.  I don't know how he will do it, even though I have confidence in him.

And Spring is in the air!!  Glad to see the sun and chances of 50s and 60s this week and next!


agent713 said...

I agree Mel. The longer you go the harder it is. It's hard to know where to start after a few days. Sometimes I just post one little comment and it opens the flood gates. Sometimes I just leave it for another day :D

agent713 said...
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