Tuesday, March 21, 2006


My last weekend was crazy.  As you know, Friday Nick went to take the Fil down to K.C.  This meant I had to rush home from work to get the kids from daycare, then proceeded to run home (well walk - Samantha can sure be slow) and let the dogs out, then go to a St. Pat's party in a neighborhood I had not been in for awhile (though I found the house without any problems). 

Saturday the kids and I went to a first birthday party for Twins I know then home to wait for Daddy to come home!!  And I could not wait.. they were so crabby!!!

Sunday was church, then over to a neighbors house so Jeffrey could hang out with his girlfriend (well and so we could hang out with the parents), then back to church.  And still the kids were crabby.

And Monday, they both wake up with colds.  Went to day care but now she is off the whole week so we are each watching them a couple days.  Plus I had a Creative Memories meeting last night.  Nick has a Knights meeting tonight.  Thursday is choir practice for me and Landscape Committee for Nick.  Then Friday I take the kids over to my parents and am being picked up from there to go to a scrapbooking retreat in Wisconsin till Sunday. 

Probably is a good thing I have Thursday off, because I sure have a lot to do.  And I am hoping I don't get sick in the process!

****AAAaaaaahhhhhhHHHHHHH***** my head is already spinning!!!!
Anyways, that is the short version of this past weekend!

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