Friday, March 24, 2006

Today is the day of..

Today is the day of the First annual Upper Midwest Scrapshare retreat (I had to throw in the annual - I am sure we will do this again). This is my second Scrapshare retreat.. though I do not have to fly to get to this one!
I am excited to meet even more new friends from . We have such a great comradarie. When someone is up, we are all up; when someone is down, we are all down. And I say we have about 300 or more usual writers.. though more stop in from time to time, so that is a lot of love.
I had a choice this weekend. My CM unit is having its Memoranza and I could have gone scrapbooking with them. But I did not even bat an eyelash in deciding to go here.
So I will be in Wisconsin till Sunday. I hope everyone has a good weekend!


agent713 said...

Have fun Melissa! I'd pick an SS event over CM any day :D Say "hi" to everyone for me!

Martha said...

Wah! Where in Wisconsin are you all gathering? I was born in the Land of Cheese and so my very proud son calls himself a "Chinese Cheese Head".

Too bad all my relatives left in WI flock to Florida for the season...otherwise I'm thinking perpahs March might have been a good time to make the pilgrimage back to the homestate?

Mel said...

We were near Eau Claire...
We may do it again next year at this time.. so you can keep that in mind!!