Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Weekend incident - part 1

So, as you know, I spent most of my weekend at a craft show. On Saturday I had just gotten there about an hour previously and dh calls me up, "You wanted to go shopping right?" Me, "well, why?" Him, "well the kids were playing so nice in their room.. so I though I would get some work done on the computer.. and then all of a sudden I heard the toilet flush. Jeffrey had been doing so well with wearing his underwear and I thought he had just gone and taken care of everything. But I did go look... well... um... Jeffrey got the scissors from the drawer and gave Samantha a hair cut and himself a little too!" Me, "WHAT! NO!".. and this is what my sweet girl looks like:

Most people are laughing it off, but I am still devestated. I ended up picking a hat and some headbands... but the poor thing looks so bad. Jeffrey said he did it to get the hair out of her eyes... but it still looks so tragic. And he ended up cutting a chunk off in front of his too... but that seems more fixable. Needless to say, we drilled it in him that he under no circumstances should ever cut anyones hair.



tosin said...

I'm sure that hearing that it has happened to all of us isn't going to make you feel better, will it?

Mel said...

Not really.
But thanks for the effort!! :)

It hit me so hard because I am such a hair person. I have loved that both my kids were born with hair and it has always been so nice.
But I will get over it. :)

Roxanne said...

ahh...poor little Samantha! I can't believe she stood still for Jeffrey to do it too! Be grateful he didn't cut her at all. Samantha doesn't look real pleased in the picture. It'll grow back though. Jeffrey has many promising careers ahead of him...hair cutting is just not one of them!

Donnann Tritten said...

Oh my gosh how horrible. You need to go over to my blog and read the "Why oh Why?" post. I am right there with you mourning the loss of beautiful hair!!!

Tarragon said...

I once went to a Vidal Sassoon salon and they did something similar to my hair. I had to wear a hat for three months while it grew out. Whilst Samanths look about as unimpressed as I was at least you can console yourself with the fact that when he grows up Jeffrey could have a glittering career as a celebrity hair stylist.